Ezekiel Chapter 47 -

And [G2532] he brought [G1521] me [G1473] unto [G1909] the [G3588] thresholds of the [G3588] house [G3624]; and [G2532] look [G2400], water [G5204] went forth [G1607] from beneath the [G3588] open [space of the [G3588] house [G3624] according to [G2596] east , for [G3754] the [G3588] front [G4383] of the [G3588] house [G3624] looked according to [G2596] east . And [G2532] the [G3588] water [G5204] went down [G2597] from the [G3588] south [G3558] of the [G3588] house [G3624] of the [G3588] right [G1188] upon [G1909] the [G3588] south [G3558] of the [G3588] altar [G2379].
And [G2532] he led [G1806] me [G1473] according to [G2596] the [G3588] way [G3598] of the [G3588] gate [G4439], of the [G3588] [one] towards [G4314] north [G1005]; and [G2532] he led me by [G4013][G1473] the [G3588] way [G3598] outside [G1855] to [G4314] the [G3588] gate [G4439] of the [G3588] courtyard , of the [G3588] [one] looking according to [G2596] east ; and [G2532] look [G2400], the [G3588] water [G5204] carried down [G2702] from the [G3588] side the [G3588] right [G1188].
[And there was [G2531] exiting [G1841] a man right opposite [there ; and [G2532] a measure [G3358] [was] in [G1722] the [G3588] his hand [G5495][G1473]; and [G2532] he measured a thousand [G5507].
And [G2532] he went through [G1330] in [G1722] the [G3588] water [G5204], water [G5204] of release , and [G2532] he measured a thousand [G5507], and [G2532] he went through [G1330] the [G3588] water [G5204] unto [G2193] the [G3588] knees [G1119]. And [G2532] he measured a thousand [G5507], and [G2532] he went through [G1330] the [G3588] water [G5204] unto [G2193] [his] loin [G3751].
And [G2532] he measured a thousand [G5507], and [G2532] he was not [G3756] able [G1410] to go through [G1330] any more [G2089], for [G3754] overflowed the [G3588] water [G5204] as [G5613] impetus of a rushing stream [G5493] of which [G3739] will not be passed over [G3756][G1224].
And [G2532] he said [G2036] to [G4314] me [G1473], Do you see [G3708], O son [G5207] of man ? And [G2532] he conveyed ' me [G1473], and [G2532] returned [G1994] me [G1473] unto [G1909] the [G3588] edge [G5491] of the [G3588] river [G4215].
In [G1722] the [G3588] my turning [G1995][G1473], and [G2532] look [G2400], upon [G1909] the [G3588] edge [G5491] of the [G3588] river [were [G4215] trees [G1186] many [G4183] exceedingly [G4970] on this side and that side .
And [G2532] he said [G2036] to [G4314] me [G1473], the [G3588] This water [G5204][G3778] the [G3588] going forth [G1607] unto [G1519] the [G3588] Galilee, the [G3588] [one] towards [G4314] east , and [G2532] goes down [G2597] unto [G1909] the [G3588] Arabia, and [G2532] comes [G2064] as far as [G2193] unto [G1909] the [G3588] sea [G2281], unto [G1909] the [G3588] water [G5204] of the [G3588] outlet , and [G2532] it will heal the [G3588] waters [G5204].
And [G2532] it will be every [G3956] life [G5590] of the [G3588] living creatures [G2226] of the [G3588] [ones] swarming upon [G1909] all [G3956] upon [G1909] which [G3739] ever should come [G1904] there [G1563] the [G3588] river [G4215] will live [G2198]. And [G2532] there will be there [G1563] fishes [G2486] many [G4183] exceedingly [G4970]; for [G3754] is come [G2240] there [G1563] the [G3588] water [G5204] this [G3778], and [G2532] it will heal and [G2532] will enliven [G2198]. Everything [G3956] upon [G1909] which [G3739] ever should come [G1904] the [G3588] river [G4215] there [G1563] will live [G2198].
And [G2532] will stand [G2476] there [G1563] fishermen from En-gedi unto [G2193] En-eglaim. a refreshing of dragnets [G4522] It will be [for . by [G2596] itself [G1438] It will be , and [G2532] the [G3588] its fishes [G2486][G1473] [will be] as [G5613] the [G3588] fishes [G2486] of the [G3588] sea [G2281] the [G3588] great [G3173], multitude [G4128] great [G4183] an exceedingly [G4970].
And [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] its outlet [G1473], and [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] its turning [G1995][G1473], and [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] its overflowing [G1473], in no way will they heal , for [G1519] salt they have been given [G1325].
And [G2532] by [G1909] the [G3588] river [G4215] will go up by [G1909] the [G3588] its edge [G5491][G1473] on this side and that side every [G3956] tree [G3586] eatable [G1034]; in no way will anything be old [G3822] upon [G1909] it [G1473], nor will fail [G1587] the [G3588] its fruit [G2590][G1473] of the [G3588] newness [G2538] of it [G1473] -- it will put forth first ; for [G1360] the [G3588]ir waters [G5204][G1473] [are] of [G1537] the [G3588] holy place . These [waters [G3778] go forth [G1607], and [G2532] will be the [G3588]ir fruit [G2590][G1473] for [G1519] food [G1035], and [G2532] their ascending [parts [G1473] for [G1519] health .
Thus [G3592] says [G3004] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316]; These [are [G3778] the [G3588] borders [G3725] you will inherit of the [G3588] land '[G1093] for the [G3588] twelve [G1427] tribes [G5443] of the [G3588] sons [G5207] of Israel, an addition of a piece of measured land .
And [G2532] you will inherit it [G1473], each [G1538] as [G2531] the [G3588] brother of him [G1473] in [G1519] which [G3739] I lifted the [G3588] my hand [G5495][G1473] the [G3588] to give [G1325] [to the [G3588]ir fathers [G3962][G1473]; and [G2532] will fall [G4098] the [G3588] land '[G1093] this [G3778] to you [G1473] by [G1722] inheritance [G2817].
And [G2532] these [are [G3778] the [G3588] borders [G3725] of the [G3588] land '[G1093] of the [G3588] [one] towards [G4314] north [G1005], from the [G3588] sea [G2281] the [G3588] great [G3173], way [G3598] Hethlon of the [G3588] entrance [G1529] of Zedad;
Hamath, Berothah, Sibraim, the [places [G3588] between limits [G3725] of Damascus and [G2532] between limits [G3725] of Hamath, courtyards of the [G3588] Hatticon, which [G3739] are upon [G1883] the [G3588] limits [G3725] of Hauran.
These [are [G3778] the [G3588] borders [G3725] from the [G3588] sea [G2281], from the [G3588] courtyard of the [G3588] Enan, limits [G3725] of Damascus, and [G2532] the [places [G3588] towards [G4314] north [G1005], and [G2532] the [G3588] limits [G3725] of Hamath the [places [G3588] towards [G4314] north [G1005].
And [G2532] the [places [G3588] towards [G4314] east between the [G3588] Hauran, and [G2532] between Damascus, and [G2532] between the [G3588] Gilead, and [G2532] between the [G3588] land '[G1093] of the [G3588] Israel, the [G3588] Jordan separates unto [G1909] the [G3588] sea [G2281] the [G3588] [one] towards [G4314] east of Palm-grove ; these [are [G3778] the [borders the [G3588] towards [G4314] east .
And [G2532] these [are [G3778] the [borders the [G3588] towards [G4314] south [G3558] and [G2532] southwest [G3047] from Teman, and [G2532] Palm-grove unto [G2193] water [G5204] of Mariboth Kadesh, reaching forth unto [G1909] the [G3588] sea [G2281] the [G3588] great [G3173] -- this [G3778] the [G3588] part [is the [G3313] south [G3558] and [G2532] southwest [G3047].
This [G3778] the [G3588] part [G3313] of the [G3588] sea [G2281] the [G3588] great [G3173] defines the bounds [G3724] unto [G2193] before [G2713] the [G3588] entrance [G1529] of Hamath, unto [G2193] its entrance [G1529][G1473]. These [G3778] are the [borders the [G3588] towards [G4314] west [G2281].
And [G2532] you will divide [G1266] the [G3588] this land '[G1093][G3778] to them [G1473], to the [G3588] tribes [G5443] of the [G3588] Israel.
You will cast it [G1473] by [G1722] lot [G2819] to yourself [G1473], and [G2532] to for the [G3588]eigners [G4339] the [G3588] sojourning [G3939] in [G1722] your midst [G3319][G1473], whomever [G3748] engendered [G1080] sons [G5207] in [G1722] your midst [G3319][G1473]. And [G2532] they will be yours [G1473] as [G5613] native-born among [G1722] the [G3588] sons [G5207] of the [G3588] Israel; with [G3326] you [G1473] they will eat [G2068] by [G1722] inheritance [G2817] in [G1722] midst [G3319] of the [G3588] tribes [G5443] of the [G3588] Israel.
And [G2532] they will be in [G1722] tribe [G5443] of converts [G4339] among [G1722] the [G3588] converts [G4339], the [G3588] [ones] with [G3326] them [G1473]. There [G1563] you will give [G1325] an inheritance [G2817] to them [G1473], says [G3004] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316].