2 Samuel Chapter 24 -

And [G2532] proceeded [G4369] in anger [G3709] Boss '[G2962] to burn [G1572] in [G1722] Israel. And [G2532] he stirred up the [G3588] David against [G1519] them [G1473], saying [G3004], Go [G4198] count the [G3588] Israel and [G2532] the [G3588] Judah!
And [G2532] said [G2036] the [G3588] king to [G4314] Joab, ruler of for the [G3588]ces [G1411] of the [G3588] [ones] with [G3326] him [G1473], Go around [G4022] indeed [G1211] all [G3956] the [G3588] tribes [G5443] of the [G3588] Israel and [G2532] Judah, from Dan and [G2532] unto [G2193] Beer-sheba, and [G2532] number [G1980] the [G3588] people [G2992]! and [G2532] I will know [G1097] the [G3588] number of the [G3588] people [G2992].
And [G2532] Joab said [G2036] to [G4314] the [G3588] king , And [G2532] may add [G4369] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] your God '[G2316][G1473] to [G4314] the [G3588] your people [G2992][G1473], as [G5618] even [G2532] these [G3778] a hundred foldly , and [G2532] the [G3588] eyes [G3788] of the [G3588] my boss [G2962][G1473] the [G3588] king seeing [it [G3708] -- but [G2532] the [G3588] my boss [G2962][G1473] the [G3588] king , why [G2444] do you want [G1014] [to do [G1722] the [G3588] this word '[G3056][G3778]?
And [G2532] excelled the [G3588] word [G3056] of the [G3588] king against [G4314] Joab, and [G2532][G1519] the [G3588] rulers of for the [G3588]ce [G1411]. And [G2532] Joab went forth [G1831], and [G2532] the [G3588] rulers of for the [G3588]ce [G1411] before [G1799] the [G3588] king to number [G1980] the [G3588] people [G2992] of the [G3588] Israel.
And [G2532] they passed over [G1224] the [G3588] Jordan, and [G2532] they camped in [G1722] Aroer at [G1537] right [G1188] of the [G3588] city [G4172] of the [G3588] [one] in [G1722] midst [G3319] of the [G3588] ravine [G5327] of Gad and [G2532] Eleizer.
And [G2532] they came [G2064] into [G1519] Gilead, and [G2532] into [G1519] land '[G1093] Tahtim Hodshi; and [G2532] they came [G3854] into [G1519] Dan, and [G2532] encircled [G2944] to [G1519] Sidon,
and [G2532] they came [G2064] into [G1519] Mapsar of Tyre, and [G2532] to [G1519] all [G3956] the [G3588] cities [G4172] of the [G3588] Hivite, and [G2532] the [G3588] Canaanite. And [G2532] they went out [G1607] unto [G1909] south [G3558] of Judah into [G1519] Beer-sheba.
And [G2532] they traveled about in [G1722] all [G3956] the [G3588] land '[G1093], and [G2532] came [G3854] at end [G5056] of nine [G1767] months [G3376] and [G2532] twenty [G1501] days [G2250] into [G1519] Jerusalem.
And [G2532] Joab gave [G1325] the [G3588] number of the [G3588] numbering of the [G3588] people [G2992] to the [G3588] king . And [G2532] there was to Israel eight hundred thousand [G5505] men of force [G1411] unsheathing [G4685] broadsword [G4501]. And [G2532] men of Judah -- five hundred [G4001] thousand [G5505] men warriors .
And [G2532] struck [G3960] heart [G2588] of David] him [G1473] after [G3326] the [G3588] counting the [G3588] people [G2992]. And [G2532] David said [G2036] to [G4314] Boss '[G2962], I have sinned exceedingly [G4970] -- I having done [G4160] the [G3588] this thing [G4487][G3778]. And [G2532] now [G3568], O Boss '[G2962], remove [G4014] indeed [G1211] the [G3588] iniquity of the [G3588] your servant [G1401][G1473], for [G3754] I was in folly [G3154] exceedingly [G4970].
And [G2532] David rose up in the morning [G4404], and [G2532] word [G4487] of Boss '[G2962] came [G1096] to [G4314] Gad the [G3588] prophet [G4396], the [G3588] [one] seeing [G3708] [for] David, saying [G3004],
Go [G4198] and [G2532] speak [G2980] to [G4314] David! saying [G3004], Thus [G3592] says [G3004] Boss '[G2962], Three [things] [G5140] I [G1473] lift unto [G1909] you [G1473]; you choose [G1586] for yourself [G4572] one [G1520] of [G1537] them [G1473]! and [G2532] I will execute [G4160] against you [G1473].
And [G2532] Gad went [G2064] to [G4314] David, and [G2532] he announced , and [G2532] he said [G2036] to him [G1473], Choose [G1586] for yourself [G4572] [what] is to be [G1096] to you [G1473]! Three [G5140] years [G2094] of famine [G3042] in [G1722] the [G3588] your land '[G1093][G1473], or [G2228] three [G5140] months [G3376] for you to flee [G5343][G1473] before [G1715] the [G3588] enemies [G2190] of you [G1473], and [G2532] they will be pursuing [G2614] you [G1473], or [G2228] to be [G1096] three [G5140] days [G2250] of plague [G2288] in [G1722] the [G3588] your land '[G1093][G1473]. Now [G3568] then [G3767], know [G1097] and [G2532] perceive [G1492]! what [G5100] I will answer to the [G3588] [one] sending me [G1473].
And [G2532] David said [G2036] to [G4314] Gad, narrow [choice [G4728] to me [G1473] an exceedingly [G4970] It is -- the [G3588] three [things] [G5140]. I will fall [G1706] into [G1519] the [G3588] hands [G5495] of the [G3588] Boss '[G2962], for [G3754] great [G4183] his compassions [G3628][G1473] [are] exceedingly [G4970], but into [G1519][G1161] the [G3588] hands [G5495] of men in no way will I fall [G1706].
And [G2532] chose [G1586] for himself [G1438] David the [G3588] plague [G2288]. And [G2532] BOSS appointed [G1325][G2962] plague [G2288] in [G1722] Israel from morning and [G2532] unto [G2193] hour [G5610] of dinner . And [G2532] there died from out of [G1537] the [G3588] people [G2992] from Dan and [G2532] unto [G2193] Beer-sheba seventy [G1440] thousand [G5505] men .
And [G2532] stretched out [G1614] the [G3588] word-conveyer (messenger) ' the [G3588] his hand [G5495][G1473] to [G1519] Jerusalem, the [G3588] to utterly destroy [G1311] it [G1473]. And [G2532] BOSS relented [G3870][G2962] over [G1909] the [G3588] evil [G2549], and [G2532] said [G2036] to the [G3588] word-conveyer (messenger) ' the [G3588] destroying [G1311] among [G1722] the [G3588] people [G2992], Enough [G2425] now [G3568], spare the [G3588] your hand [G5495][G1473]! And [G2532] the [G3588] word-conveyer (messenger) ' of the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] was by [G3844] the [G3588] threshing-floor of Araunah the [G3588] Jebusite.
And [G2532] David spoke [G2036] to [G4314] Boss '[G2962] in [G1722] the [G3588] his looking [at] [G1492][G1473] the [G3588] word-conveyer (messenger) ' the [G3588] striking [G5180] among [G1722] the [G3588] people [G2992], and [G2532] he said [G2036], look [G2400], I [G1473] sinned , and [G2532] I [G1473] the [G3588] shepherd [G4166] did evil [G2554], and [G2532] these are [G3778] the [G3588] sheep [G4263], what [G5100] did they do [G4160]? Let come [G1096] indeed [G1211] the [G3588] your hand [G5495][G1473] against [G1722] me [G1473], and [G2532] against [G1722] the [G3588] house [G3624] of the [G3588] father [G3962] of me [G1473]!
And [G2532] Gad came [G2064] to [G4314] David in [G1722] the [G3588] that day [G2250][G1565], and [G2532] said [G2036] to him [G1473], go up , and [G2532] set up [G2476] the [G3588] an altar [G2379] to the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] in [G1722] the [G3588] threshing-floor of Araunah the [G3588] Jebusite!
And [G2532] David went up according to [G2596] the [G3588] word [G4487] of Gad the [G3588] prophet [G4396], in which [G3739] manner [G5158] gave charge [G1781] to him [G1473] Boss '[G2962].
And [G2532] Araunah looked , and [G2532] he looked [at] [G1492] the [G3588] king , and [G2532] the [G3588] his servants [G3816][G1473] coming near [G3899] unto [G1909] him [G1473]. And [G2532] Araunah went forth [G1831], and [G2532] did obeisance to [G4352] the [G3588] king upon [G1909] his face [G4383][G1473] upon [G1909] the [G3588] land '[G1093].
And [G2532] Araunah said [G2036], For what [reason [G5100][G3754] comes [G2064] the [G3588] my boss [G2962][G1473] the [G3588] king to [G4314] the [G3588] his servant [G1401][G1473]? And [G2532] David said [G2036], To acquire [G2932] from [G3844] you [G1473] the [G3588] threshing-floor , the [G3588] to build [G3618] an altar [G2379] [to the] Boss '[G2962], so that [G2532] should be constrained [G4912] the [G3588] devastation upon [G1883] the [G3588] people [G2992].
And [G2532] Araunah said [G2036] to [G4314] David, Take it [G2983] and [G2532] offer , the [G3588] O my boss [G2962][G1473] the [G3588] king , to the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] [what is the [G3588] good in [G1722] [your] eyes [G3788][G1473]! look [G2400], the [G3588] oxen [G1016] [are] for [G1519] a whole burnt-offering [G3646], and [G2532] the [G3588] wheels [G5164], and [G2532] the [G3588] items [G4632] of the [G3588] oxen [G1016] [are] for [G1519] wood [G3586].
The [G3588] whole amount [G3956] Araunah gave [G1325] to the [G3588] king . And [G2532] Araunah said [G2036] to [G4314] the [G3588] king , Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316] of you [G1473], may he bless [G2127] you [G1473].
And [G2532] said [G2036] the [G3588] king to [G4314] Araunah, Not so [G3780], but only [G3754] by acquiring [G2932] will I acquire [it [G2932] from [G3844] you [G1473] for [G1722] a price , for [G2532] I will not offer [G3756] [to the] Boss '[G2962] God '[G2316] of me [G1473] a whole burnt-offering [G3646] without [paying] a charge [G1431]. And [G2532] David acquired [G2932] the [G3588] threshing-floor , and [G2532] the [G3588] oxen [G1016] with [G1722] silver shekels fifty [G4004].
And [G2532] built [G3618] there [G1563] David] an altar [G2379] to the [G3588] Boss '[G2962], and [G2532] he offered whole burnt-offerings , and [G2532] peace [offerings [G1516]. And [G2532] BOSS heeded [G1873][G2962] the [G3588] land '[G1093], and [G2532] held up [G4912] the [G3588] devastation on top of Israel.