Romans Chapter 7 -

Or [G2228] do you not know , brothers , (for to the ones knowing [G1097][G1063] law [G3551] I speak) [G2980], that [G3754] the [G3588] law [G3551] dominates [G2961] the [G3588] man over [G1909] as much [G3745] time [G5550] [as] he lives [G2198]?
For the [G3588][G1063] married [G5220] woman [G1135] to the [G3588] living [G2198] husband is tied [G1210] by law [G3551]. But if [G1437][G1161] should die the [G3588] husband , she is cleared [G2673] from the [G3588] law [G3551] of the [G3588] husband .
Surely then [G3767] living [G2198] [with] the [G3588] husband , [as] an adulteress [G3428] she will be treated [G5537], if [G1437] she becomes [G1096] man to another [G2087]; but if [G1437][G1161] should die the [G3588] husband , she is free [G1658] from the [G3588] law [G3551], for the [G3588] her to not be [G3361][G1473] an adulteress [G3428], having become [G1096] man to another [G2087].
So that [G5620], my brothers [G1473], also [G2532] you [G1473] were put to death [G2289] to the [G3588] law [G3551] through [G1223] the [G3588] body [G4983] of the [G3588] [one] Anointed '[G5547]; for [G1519] the [G3588] you to become [G1096][G1473] to another [G2087], to the [G3588] [one] from [G1537] dead [G3498] being arisen [G1453], that [G2443] we should bear fruit [G2592] [to the [G3588] God '[G2316].
For when [G3753][G1063] we were in [G1722] the [G3588] flesh [G4561], the [G3588] passions [G3804] of the [G3588] sins , the [G3588] [ones] through [G1223] the [G3588] law [G3551] exerted energy [G1754] in [G1722] the [G3588] our members [G3196][G1473] for [G1519] the [G3588] bearing fruit [G2592] [to the [G3588] death [G2288].
But now [G3568][G1161] we were cleared [G2673] from the [G3588] law [G3551], having died by [G1722] which [G3739] we were held [G2722]; so as [for [G5620] us to serve [G1398][G1473] in [G1722] newness [G2538] of wind/spirit/breathing '[G4151], and [G2532] not [G3756] oldness [G3821] of contract [G1121].
What [G5100] then [G3767] will we say [G2046]? [Is] the [G3588] law [G3551] sin ? May it not [G3361] be [G1096]. But the [G3588] sin I knew not [G3756][G1097], except [G1508] through [G1223] law [G3551]; for the [G3588] also [G5037][G1063] lust [G1939] I knew not [G3756][G1492], except [G1508] the [G3588] law [G3551] said [G3004], You will not [G3756] lust [G1937].
an opportunity But [G1161] taking [G2983] the [G3588] sin through [G1223] the [G3588] commandment [G1785], manufactured [G2716] in [G1722] me [G1473] every [G3956] lust [G1939]; for separate from [G5565][G1063] law [G3551] sin [was] dead [G3498];
and I [G1473][G1161] was alive [G2198] separate from [G5565] law [G3551] at some time or other [G4218]; having come [G2064] but [G1161] the [G3588] commandment [G1785], the [G3588] sin was revived , and I [G1473][G1161] died .
And [G2532] was found [G2147] by me [G1473] the [G3588] commandment [G1785] for the [G3588] [G1519] life [G2222], [for] this [G3778] [to be] to [G1519] death [G2288].
for the [G3588] [G1063] sin opportunity having taken [G2983] through [G1223] the [G3588] commandment [G1785], cheated [G1818] me [G1473], and [G2532] through [G1223] it [G1473] killed [me .
So that [G5620] the [G3588] law indeed [G3303][G3551] [is] pure ', and [G2532] the [G3588] commandment [G1785] pure ', and [G2532] just [G1342], and [G2532] good .
the [thing] [G3588]n [G3767] good , to me [G1473] has it become [G1096] death [G2288]? May it not [G3361] be [G1096]. But the [G3588] sin , that [G2443] it should appear [G5316] sin , through [G1223] the [G3588] good in me [G1473] manufacturing [G2716] death [G2288], that [G2443] should become [G1096] excessively [G2596][G5236] sinful the [G3588] sin through [G1223] the [G3588] commandment [G1785].
For we know [G1492][G1063] that [G3754] the [G3588] law [G3551] of wind/spirit/breathing '[G4152] is ; but I [G1473][G1161] of flesh '[G4559] am , having been sold [G4097] under [G5259] the [G3588] sin .
For what [G3739][G1063] I manufacture [G2716], I do not know [G3756][G1097]; for not [G3756][G1063] what [G3739] I want [to do [G2309], this [G3778] I practice [G4238]; and what [G3739] I detest [G3404], this [G3778] I do [G4160].
But if [G1487][G1161] what [G3739] I do not [G3756] want [to do [G2309], this [G3778] I do [G4160], [then] I assent [G4852] to the [G3588] law [G3551] that [G3754] [it is] good [G2570].
But now [G3568][G1161], no longer [G3765] I [G1473] manufacture [G2716] it [G1473], but [it is living [G3611] in [G1722] me [G1473] sin .
For I know [G1492][G1063] that [G3754] [there does] not [G3756] live [G3611] in [G1722] me [G1473] (that is to say [G5123] in [G1722] the [G3588] my flesh [G4561][G1473]) good . For the [G3588][G1063] will [G2309] is present with [G3873] me [G1473], but the [G3588][G1161] manufacturing [G2716] the [G3588] good [G2570] I do not [G3756] find [G2147].
not [do [G3756] For [G1063] which [G3739] I want [to do [G2309] I do [G4160] good , but which [G3739] [I do] not [G3756] want [to do [G2309] evil [G2556], this [G3778] I do [G4238].
But if [G1487][G1161] what [G3739] do not [G3756] want to do [G2309] I [G1473], this [G3778] I do [G4160]; no longer [G3765] I [G1473] manufacture [G2716] it [G1473], but [it is living [G3611] in [G1722] me [G1473] sin .
I find [G2147] then the [G3588] law [G3551], in the [G3588] [one] wanting [G2309] in me [G1473] to do [G4160] the [G3588] good [G2570], that [G3754] with me [G1473] the [G3588] evil [G2556] is present [G3873].
For I delight [G4913][G1063] in the [G3588] law [G3551] of the [G3588] God '[G2316] according to [G2596] the [G3588] inside [G2080] man .
But I see [G1161] another [G2087] law [G3551] in [G1722] the [G3588] my members [G3196][G1473], undertaking an expedition against the [G3588] law [G3551] of the [G3588] my mind [G3563][G1473], and [G2532] captivating me [G1473] to the [G3588] law [G3551] of the [G3588] sin , to the [G3588] [one] being in [G1722] the [G3588] my members [G3196][G1473].
O miserable [G5005] man [am] I [G1473]. Who [G5100] will rescue me [G1473][G4506] from [G1537] the [G3588] body [G4983] of the [G3588] death [G2288] this [G3778]?
I give thanks [G2168] [to the [G3588] God '[G2316] because of [G1223] Jesus [G2424] ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" [H3091]) Anointed [G5547] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] of us [G1473]. It is so then [G3767], I myself [G1473][G1473] indeed to the [G3588][G3303] mind [G3563] serve [G1398] law [G3551] of God '[G2316], but to the [G3588][G1161] flesh [G4561] law [G3551] of sin .