Matthew Chapter 24 -

And [G2532] coming forth [G1831], the [G3588] Jesus [G2424] ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" [H3091]) went [G4198] from the [G3588] temple [G2413]. And [G2532] came forward [G4334] the [G3588] his trainees '[G3101][G1473] to display [G1925] to him [G1473] the [G3588] constructions [G3619] of the [G3588] temple [G2413].
the [G3588] And [G1161] Jesus [G2424] ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" [H3091]) said [G2036] to them [G1473], Do you [G3756] see all [G3956] these [things] [G1473]? Amen I say [G3004] to you [G1473], In no way will there be left here [G5602] a stone [G3037] upon [G1909] a stone [G3037], which [G3739] in any way will be resting [G2647].
sitting down [G2521] And [in [G1161] of him '[G1473] upon [G1909] the [G3588] raised-place (mountain) '[G3735] of the [G3588] olives [G1636], there came forward [G4334] to him [G1473] the [G3588] trainees '[G3101] in [G2596] private [G2398], saying [G3004], Tell [G2036] us [G1473] when [G4219] these [things] [G3778] will be , and [G2532] what [G5100] [is] the [G3588] sign [G4592] of the [G3588] your [G4674] arrival [G3952], and [G2532] the [G3588] completion [G4930] of the [G3588] age (term) `?
And [G2532] answering the [G3588] Jesus [G2424] ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" [H3091]) said [G2036] to them [G1473], Take heed lest [G3361] any [G5100] should mislead you [G1473][G4105]!
For many [G4183][G1063] will come [G2064] in [G1909] the [G3588] name [G3686] of me [G1473], saying [G3004], I [G1473] am the [G3588] [one] Anointed '[G5547]. And [G2532] many [G4183] they will mislead [G4105].
But you will be about [G3195][G1161] to hear of wars [G4171] and [G2532] reports of wars [G4171]. Look to it [G3708]! lest [G3361] you be alarmed [G2360], must [G1163] for [G1063] all these [things] [G3956] take place [G1096], but not yet [G3768] is the [G3588] end [G5056].
will rise up [G1453] For [G1063] tradition-people (ethnic) '[G1484] against [G1909] tradition-people (ethnic) '[G1484], and [G2532] government ' against [G1909] government '. And [G2532] there will be famines [G3042], and [G2532] pestilent [things] [G3061], and [G2532] earthquakes [G4578] in places [G2596][G5117].
And all [G3956][G1161] these [things] [G3778] [are the] beginning of birth-pangs [G5604].
Then [G5119] they will deliver [G3860] you [G1473] unto [G1519] affliction [G2347], and [G2532] will kill you [G1473]; and [G2532] you will be ones being detested [G3404] by [G5259] all [G3956] the [G3588] tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484] on account of [G1223] the [G3588] name [G3686] of me [G1473].
And [G2532] then [G5119] will be stumbled [G4624] many [G4183], and [G2532] one another they will deliver up [G3860], and [G2532] they will detest [G3404] one another .
And [G2532] many [G4183] lying prophets [G5578] will arise [G1453], and [G2532] they will mislead [G4105] many [G4183].
And [G2532] on account of [G1223] the [G3588] multiplying [G4129] the [G3588] lawlessness , will be made cold [G5594] the [G3588] love of the [G3588] many [G4183].
But the [G3588][G1161] one remaining [G5278] unto [G1519] end [G5056], this one [G3778] will be delivered [G4982].
And [G2532] will be proclaimed [G2784] this [G3778] the [G3588] a good-word-conveyed (good message) '[G2098] of the [G3588] government ' in [G1722] entire [G3650] the [G3588] inhabitable world [G3611], for [G1519] a testimony [G3142] to all [G3956] the [G3588] [ones] among tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484]; and [G2532] then [G5119] will come [G2240] the [G3588] end [G5056].
Whenever [G3752] then [G3767] you should look [at] [G1492] the [G3588] abomination of the [G3588] desolation [G2050], the [thing] [G3588] having been spoken [G4483] through [G1223] Daniel the [G3588] prophet [G4396], standing [G2476] in [G1722] place [G5117] a pure '; (the [one] [G3588] reading let him comprehend! [G3539])
Then [G5119] the [G3588] [ones] in [G1722] the [G3588] Judea, let them flee [G5343] unto [G1909] the [G3588] raised-places (mountains) '[G3735]!
the [one] [G3588] upon [G1909] the [G3588] roof [G1430], let him not go down [G3361][G2597] to lift anything [G5100] from out of [G1537] the [G3588] his house [G3614][G1473].
And [G2532] the [G3588] [one] in [G1722] the [G3588] field , let him not [G3361] turn [G1994] back [G3694] to carry the [G3588] his garments [G2440][G1473].
But woe [G3759][G1161] to the [G3588] [ones] one in [G1722] womb [G1064] having [G2192], and [G2532] the [G3588] [ones] nursing [G2337] in [G1722] those [G1565] the [G3588] days [G2250].
And pray [G4336][G1161] that [G2443] should not take place [G3361][G1096] the [G3588] your flight into exile [G5437][G1473] in winter [G5494], nor [G3366] on [G1722] Sabbath [G4521].
For there will be [G1063] then [G5119] affliction [G2347] great [G3173], such as [G3634] has not [G3756] taken place [G1096] from beginning of arrangement '[G2889] until [G2193] the [G3588] present [G3568], nor [G3761] in any way to be [G1096].
And [G2532] unless [G1508] were cut short [G2856] the [G3588] those days [G2250][G1565], not [G3756] even was delivered [G4982] any [G3956] flesh [G4561]. But on account [G1223][G1161] of the [G3588] chosen ones [G1588] will be cut short [G2856] the [G3588] those days [G2250][G1565].
Then [G5119] if [G1437] any [G5100] should say to you [G1473][G2036], look [G2400], here [is [G5602] the [G3588] [one] Anointed '[G5547], or [G2228] here [G5602]; you should not [G3361] trust '[G4100].
For will arise [G1453][G1063] lying Anointed Ones [G5580] and [G2532] lying prophets [G5578], and [G2532] they will give [G1325] signs [G4592] great [G3173] and [G2532] miracles [G5059], so as [G5620] to mislead [G4105], if [G1487] possible [G1415], even [G2532] the [G3588] chosen ones [G1588].
look [G2400], I described to you beforehand [G4280][G1473].
If [G1437] then [G3767] they should say [G2036] to you [G1473], look [G2400], in [G1722] the [G3588] wilderness [G2048] he is ; you should not [G3361] go forth [G1831]. [or], look [G2400], he is in [G1722] the [G3588] inner chambers [G5009]; you should not [G3361] trust '[G4100] [it].
For as [G5618][G1063] the [G3588] lightning comes forth [G1831] from east , and [G2532] shines forth [G5316] unto [G2193] west [G1424], so [G3779] will be also [G2532] the [G3588] arrival [G3952] of the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man .
For where [G3699][G1063] ever [G1437] might be the [G3588] corpse [G4430], there [G1563] will be gathered together [G4863] the [G3588] eagles .
And immediately [G2112][G1161] after [G3326] the [G3588] affliction [G2347] of the [G3588] those days [G2250][G1565], the [G3588] sun [G2246] will be darkened [G4654], and [G2532] the [G3588] moon [G4582] will not [G3756] give [G1325] the [G3588] its brightness [G5338][G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] stars will fall [G4098] from the [G3588] raised-place-above (sky) '[G3772], and [G2532] for the [G3588]ces [G1411] of the [G3588] raised-places-above (skies) '[G3772] will be shaken [G4531].
And [G2532] then [G5119] will appear [G5316] the [G3588] sign [G4592] of the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man in [G1722] the [G3588] raised-place-above (sky) '[G3772]. And [G2532] then [G5119] will beat their chest [G2875] all [G3956] the [G3588] tribes [G5443] of the [G3588] land '[G1093]. And [G2532] they will see [G3708] the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man coming [G2064] upon [G1909] the [G3588] clouds [G3507] of the [G3588] raised-place-above (sky) '[G3772] with [G3326] power [G1411] and [G2532] glory [G1391] great [G4183].
And [G2532] he will send the [G3588] his word-conveyers (messengers) '[G1473] with [G3326] a trumpet [G4536] sound [G5456] of great [G3173]. And [G2532] they will assemble [G1996] the [G3588] his chosen [G1588][G1473] from out of [G1537] the [G3588] four [G5064] winds , from tips of raised-places-above (skies) '[G3772] unto [G2193] their tips [G1473].
But from [G1161] the [G3588] fig-tree [G4808] learn [G3129] the [G3588] paralell '[G3850]! Whenever [G3752] already [G2235] the [G3588] its branches [G2798][G1473] become [G1096] tender , and [G2532] the [G3588] leaves [G5444] spring forth [G1631], know [G1097] that [G3754] [is] near [G1451] the [G3588] summer [G2330].
So [G3779] also [G2532] you [G1473], whenever [G3752] you look [at] [G1492] all [G3956] these [things] [G3778], know [G1097] that [G3754] it is near [G1451] at [G1909] doors [G2374].
Amen I say [G3004] to you [G1473], In no way should pass away [G3928] the [G3588] this generation [G1074][G3778] until [G2193] whenever all [G3956] these [things] [G3778] should come to pass [G1096].
The [G3588] raised-place-above (sky) '[G3772] and [G2532] the [G3588] land '[G1093] will pass away [G3928], the [G3588] but [G1161] my words [G3056][G1473] in no way will pass away [G3928].
But concerning [G4012][G1161] the [G3588] that day [G2250][G1565] and [G2532] hour [G5610] no one [G3762] knows [G1492], not even [G3761] the [G3588] word-conveyers (messengers) ' of the [G3588] raised-places-above (skies) '[G3772], only [G1508] the [G3588] my father [G3962] alone [G3441].
And as [G5618][G1161] the [G3588] days [G2250] of the [G3588] Noah, so [G3779] will be also [G2532] the [G3588] arrival [G3952] of the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man .
For as [G5618][G1063] were in [G1722] the [G3588] days [G2250], the [G3588] [ones] before [G4253] the [G3588] flood [G2627], gnawing [G5176] and [G2532] drinking [G4095], marrying [G1060] and [G2532] giving in marriage [G1547], as far as of which [G3739] day [G2250] Noah entered [G1525] into [G1519] the [G3588] ark [G2787],
and [G2532] they did not [G3756] know [G1097], until [G2193] came [G2064] the [G3588] flood [G2627] and [G2532] lifted all . So [G3779] it will be also [G2532] in the [G3588] arrival [G3952] of the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man .
Then [G5119] two [G1417] will be in [G1722] the [G3588] field ; the [G3588] [one] [G1520] will be taken by himself [G3880], and [G2532] the [G3588] [one] [G1520] left .
Two [women [G1417] grinding at [G1722] the [G3588] mill [G3459]; one [G1520] will be taken by herself [G3880], and [G2532] one [G1520] left .
Be vigilant [G1127] then [G3767], for [G3754] you know not [G3756][G1492] what [G4169] hour [G5610] the [G3588] your Boss '[G2962] comes [G2064]!
But this [G1565][G1161] know [G1097]! that [G3754] if [G1487] knew [G1492] the [G3588] boss of the house [G3617] what [G4169] watch [G5438] the [G3588] thief [G2812] comes [G2064], he would have been vigilant [G1127], and [G2532] he would not have [G3756] allowed [G1439] to be dug through [G1358] the [G3588] his house [G3614][G1473].
On account of [G1223] this [G3778] you also [G2532][G1473] be [G1096] prepared [G2092]! for [G3754] in which [G3739] hour [G5610] you think not [G3756][G1380], the [G3588] son [G5207] of the [G3588] man comes [G2064].
Who [G5100] then is the [G3588] trustworthy [G4103] manservant [G1401] and [G2532] practical [G5429] whom [G3739] placed [G2525] the [G3588] his boss [G2962][G1473] over [G1909] the [G3588] his service [G2322][G1473], the [G3588] to give [G1325] to them [G1473] the [G3588] provision [G5160] in [G1722] season [G2540]?
Blessed [is [G3107] the [G3588] that servant [G1401] whom [G3739] having come [G2064] the [G3588] his boss [G2962][G1473] will find [G2147] doing [G4160] thus [G3779].
Amen I say [G3004] to you [G1473] that [G3754], Over [G1909] all [G3956] the [G3588] possessions [G5224] of him [G1473] he will place [G2525] him [G1473].
But if [G1437][G1161] should say [G2036] the [G3588] evil [G2556] servant [G1401] that [G1565] in [G1722] the [G3588] his heart [G2588][G1473], passes time [G5549] the [G3588] My boss [G2962][G1473] to come [G2064];
and [G2532] he should begin to beat [G5180] the [G3588] fellow-servants [G4889], and to eat [G2068][G1161] and [G2532] drink [G4095] with [G3326] the [G3588] [ones] being intoxicated [G3184];
will come [G2240] the [G3588] boss [G2962] of the [G3588] that servant [G1401][G1565] in [G1722] a day [G2250] in which [G3739] he does not [G3756] expect [G4328], and [G2532] in [G1722] an hour [G5610] in which [G3739] he knows not [G3756][G1097].
And [G2532] he will cut him in pieces [G1371][G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] his portion [G3313][G1473] with [G3326] the [G3588] stage-actors [G5273] will be established [G5087]. There [G1563], there will be the [G3588] weeping [G2805] and [G2532] the [G3588] gnashing [G1030] of the [G3588] teeth [G3599].