James Chapter 1 -

James, of God '[G2316] and [G2532] Boss '[G2962] Jesus [G2424] ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" [H3091]) Anointed "'[G5547], bondman [G1401], to the [G3588] twelve [G1427] tribes [G5443], to the [G3588] [ones] in [G1722] the [G3588] dispersion [G1290], Hail [G5463]!
all [G3956] joy [G5479] Esteem it [G2233], my brothers [G1473], whenever [G3752] tests [G3986] you should fall into [G4045] various [G4164]!
knowing [G1097] that [G3754] the [G3588] proving [G1383] of yours [G1473] of the [G3588] trust '[G4102] manufactures [G2716] endurance [G5281];
the [G3588] and [G1161] endurance [G5281] work [G2041] its perfect [G5046] let have [G2192]! that [G2443] you should be perfect [G5046] and [G2532] entire [G3648], with [G1722] nothing [G3367] missing [G3007].
And if [G1487][G1161] anyone [G5100] of you [G1473] miss [G3007] wisdom [G4678], let him ask of [G3844] the [G3588] giving [G1325] God '[G2316]! to all [G3956] simply , and [G2532] not [G3361] berating [G3679], and [G2532] it will be given [G1325] to him [G1473].
But let him ask [G1161] in [G1722] trust '[G4102], nothing [G3367] scrutinizing [G1252]! For the [G3588] [one] [G1063] scrutinizing [G1252] is like [G1503] a swell [G2830] of sea [G2281] driven by wind and [G2532] being blown about [G4494].
not [G3361] For [G1063] let imagine [G3633] the [G3588] man that [G1565] that [G3754] he will receive [G2983] anything [G5100] from [G3844] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962]!
man [he is] a double-minded [G1374], confused in [G1722] all [G3956] the [G3588] his ways [G3598][G1473].
let boast [G2744] But [G1161] the [G3588] brother the [G3588] humble [G5011] in [G1722] the [G3588] his stature [G5311][G1473],
and the [G3588][G1161] rich [G4145] in [G1722] the [G3588] his humiliation [G5014][G1473]! for [G3754] as [G5613] flower of grass [G5528], he will pass away [G3928].
rose For [G1063] the [G3588] sun [G2246] with [G4862] the [G3588] burning wind [G2742], and [G2532] dried [G3583] the [G3588] grass [G5528], and [G2532] the [G3588] its flower [G1473] fell [G1601], and [G2532] the [G3588] beauty [G2143] of the [G3588] its countenance [G4383][G1473] perished ; so [G3779] also [G2532] the [G3588] rich one [G4145] in [G1722] the [G3588] his goings [G4197][G1473] will wither [G3133].
Blessed [is [G3107] a man who [G3739] endures [G5278] test [G3986]; for [G3754] unadulterated [G1384] becoming [G1096], he will receive [G2983] the [G3588] crown [G4735] of the [G3588] life [G2222], which [G3739] promised [G1861] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] to the [G3588] [ones] loving him [G1473].
no one [G3367] being tested [G3985] Let] say [G3004] that [G3754], From God '[G2316] I am tested [G3985]! for the [G3588] [G1063] God '[G2316] is beyond testing by evils [G2556], tests [G3985] and [G1161] he himself [G1473] no one [G3762].
But each [G1538][G1161] is tested [G3985] by [G5259] the [G3588] [ones] of his own [G2398] desire [G1939], being dragged away [G1828] and [G2532] being entrapped [G1185].
So then [G1534] the [G3588] desire [G1939] having conceived [G4815], gives birth to [G5088] sin ; the [G3588] but [G1161] sin being perpetrated , engenders death [G2288].
Do not [G3361] be misled [G4105], brothers my [G1473] beloved !
Every [G3956] portion [G1394] good and [G2532] every [G3956] gift [G1434] perfect [G5046] from above is , coming down [G2597] from the [G3588] father [G3962] of the [G3588] lights [G5457], of [G3844] whom [G3739] there is no [G3756][G1762] alteration [G3883] or [G2228] circuit [G5157] shaded .
Willingly [G1014] he engendered us [G1473] by word [G3056] of truth , for [G1519] the [G3588] us being [G1473] certain first-fruit of the [G3588] [ones] of of him '[G1473] creations [G2938].
So that [G5620], brothers my [G1473] beloved , let be every [G3956] man quick [G5036] in [G1519] the [G3588] hearing , slow [G1021] in [G1519] the [G3588] speaking [G2980], slow [G1021] in [G1519] anger [G3709]!
anger [G3709] For [G1063] man's righteousness [G1343] of God '[G2316] does not [G3756] manufacture [G2716].
Therefore [G1352], having put aside all [G3956] filthiness [G4507] and [G2532] abundance [G4050] of evil [G2549], in [G1722] gentleness [G4240], receive [G1209] the [G3588] implanted [G1721] word [G3056]! the [G3588] [one] being able [G1410] to deliver [G4982] the [G3588] your souls [G5590][G1473].
But become [G1096][G1161] doers [G4163] of word [G3056]! and [G2532] not [G3361] only [G3440] listeners , misleading [G3884] yourselves [G1438].
For [G3754] if any [G1536] a listener of word [G3056] is , and [G2532] not [G3756] a doer [G4163], this one [G3778] is like [G1503] a man contemplating [G2657] the [G3588] face [G4383] of the [G3588] his creation [G1078][G1473] in [G1722] a mirror [G2072];
for he contemplated [G2657][G1063] himself [G1438], and [G2532] went forth , and [G2532] immediately [G2112] forgot [G1950] [what] he was like [G3697].
But the [G3588] [one] [G1161] having leaned over [G3879] into [G1519] law [G3551] perfect [G5046], the [G3588] [one] of the [G3588] freedom [G1657], and [G2532] remained [G3887], this one [G3778] [is] not [G3756] listener a forgetful [G1953] becoming [G1096], but a doer [G4163] of work [G2041], this one [G3778] blessed [G3107] in [G1722] the [G3588] his doing [G4162][G1473] will be .
If [G1487] anyone [G5100] seems [G1380] to be religious [G2357] among [G1722] you [G1473], [and] not [G3361] bridling [G5468] his tongue [G1100][G1473], but deceiving his heart [G2588][G1473], of this one [G3778] [is] in vain [G3152] the [G3588] religion [G2356].
Religion [G2356] pure [G2513] and [G2532] undefiled before [G3844] the [G3588] God '[G2316] and [G2532] father [G3962] is this [G3778] -- to visit [G1980] orphans [G3737] and [G2532] widows [G5503] in [G1722] the [G3588]ir affliction [G2347][G1473], spotless oneself [G1438] to keep [G5083] from the [G3588] arrangement '[G2889].