Genesis Chapter 46 -

departing And [G1161] Israel], and [G2532] all [G3956] of the [G3588] of him '[G1473], he came [G2064] upon [G1909] the [G3588] Well [G5421] of the [G3588] Oath [G3727]. And [G2532] he sacrificed [G2380] a sacrifice [G2378] to the [G3588] God '[G2316] of the [G3588] his father [G3962][G1473] Isaac.
said [G2036] And [G1161] the [G3588] God '[G2316] the [G3588] to Israel in [G1722] a vision [G3705] in the [G3588] night [G3571], saying [G2036], Jacob, Jacob! the [G3588] And [G1161] he said [G2036], What [G5100] is it ?
And the [G3588][G1161] he says [G3004] to him [G1473], I [G1473] am the [G3588] God '[G2316] of the [G3588] your fathers [G3962][G1473]; [do] not [G3361] fear [G5399] to go down [G2597] into [G1519] Egypt! into [G1519] For [G1063] tradition-people (ethnic) '[G1484] a great [G3173] I will make [G4160] you [G1473] there [G1563].
And [G2532] I [G1473] will go down [G2597] with [G3326] you [G1473] into [G1519] Egypt. And [G2532] I [G1473] will transport you [G1473] to [G1519] end [G5056]. And [G2532] Joseph will put [G1911] the [G3588] his hands [G5495][G1473] upon [G1909] the [G3588] eyes [G3788] of you [G1473].
rose up And [G1161] Jacob] from the [G3588] Well [G5421] of the [G3588] Oath [G3727]. And [G2532] took up the [G3588] sons [G5207] of Israel] Jacob the [G3588]ir father [G3962][G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] belongings , and [G2532] the [G3588]ir wives [G1135][G1473] upon [G1909] the [G3588] wagons which [G3739] Joseph sent to carry him [G1473].
And [G2532] taking up the [G3588]ir possessions [G5224][G1473], and [G2532] all [G3956] the [G3588] property which [G3739] they acquired [G2932] in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Canaan, they entered [G1525] into [G1519] Egypt -- Jacob and [G2532] all [G3956] the [G3588] his seed [G4690][G1473] with [G3326] him [G1473].
Sons [G5207], and [G2532] sons [G5207] of the [G3588] his sons [G5207][G1473] with [G3326] him [G1473]; daughters [G2364], and [G2532] daughters [G2364] of the [G3588] his daughters [G2364][G1473], and [G2532] all [G3956] the [G3588] his seed [G4690][G1473] he conveyed ' into [G1519] Egypt.
And these [G3778][G1161] [are] the [G3588] names [G3686] of the [G3588] sons [G5207] of Israel, the [ones] the [G3588] entering [G1525] into [G1519] Egypt together with Jacob the [G3588]ir father [G3962][G1473]. Jacob and [G2532] the [G3588] his sons [G5207][G1473] -- first-born [G4416] of Jacob, Reuben.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Reuben -- Hanoch, and [G2532] Phallu, Hezron, and [G2532] Carmi.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Simeon -- Jemuel, and [G2532] Jamin, and [G2532] Ohad, and [G2532] Jachin, and [G2532] Zohar, and [G2532] Shaul, son [G5207] of the [G3588] Canaanitess.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Levi -- Gerson, and [G2532] Kohath, and [G2532] Merari.
And the sons [G5207][G1161] of Judah -- Er, and [G2532] Onan, and [G2532] Shelah, and [G2532] Pharez, and [G2532] Zerah. died And [G1161] Er and [G2532] Onan] in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Canaan. born [G1096] And [G1161] sons [G5207] of Pharez -- Hezron, and [G2532] Hamul.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Issachar -- Tola, and [G2532] Phuvah, and [G2532] Job, and [G2532] Shimron.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Zebulun -- Sered, and [G2532] Elon, and [G2532] Jahleel.
These [are the [G3778] sons [G5207] of Leah, whom [G3739] she bore [G1080] [to the [G3588] Jacob in [G1722] Mesopotamia the [G3588] of Syria, and [G2532] Dinah the [G3588] his daughter [G2364][G1473]. All [G3956] the [G3588] souls [G5590], sons [G5207] and [G2532] daughters [G2364], thirty [G5144] three [G5140].
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Gad -- Ziphion, and [G2532] Haggai, and [G2532] Shuni, and [G2532] Ezbon, and [G2532] Eri, and [G2532] Arodi, and [G2532] Areli.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Asher -- Jimnah, Ishuah, and [G2532] Isui, and [G2532] Beriah, and [G2532] Serah their sister [G1473]. And sons [G5207][G1161] of Beriah -- Heber and [G2532] Malchiel.
These [G3778] [are the] sons [G5207] of Zilpah, whom [G3739] Laban gave [G1325] to Leah the [G3588] his daughter [G2364][G1473], who [G3739] bore [G5088] these [G3778] the [G3588] to Jacob -- sixteen souls [G5590].
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Rachel, wife [G1135] of Jacob -- Joseph and [G2532] Benjamin.
born [G1096] And [G1161] sons [G5207] of Joseph] in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Egypt, whom [G3739] bore [G5088] to him [G1473] Asenath], daughter [G2364] of Poti-phera, priest [G2409] of Heliopolis -the [G3588] Manasseh and [G2532] the [G3588] Ephraim. And were born [G1096][G1161] sons [G5207] of Manasseh whom [G3739] bore [G5088] to him [G1473] the [G3588] concubine the [G3588] Sura] -the [G3588] Machir. And Machir [G1161] procreated [G1080] the [G3588] Gilead. And sons [G5207][G1161] of Ephraim brother of Manasseh -- Sutalaam, and [G2532] Tam. And sons [G5207][G1161] of Sutalaam -- Edem.
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Benjamin -- Belah, and [G2532] Becher, and [G2532] Ashbel, Gera, and [G2532] Naaman, and [G2532] Ehi, Rosh, and [G2532] Muppim, and [G2532] Huppim. And Gera [G1161] procreated [G1080] the [G3588] Ard.
These [are the [G3778] sons [G5207] of Rachel, whom [G3739] she bore [G5088] [to the [G3588] Jacob -- all [G3956] the [G3588] souls [G5590] [were] eighteen .
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Dan -- Hushim.
And [G2532] sons [G5207] of Naphtali -- Jahzeel, and [G2532] Guni, and [G2532] Jezer, and [G2532] Shillem.
These [are the [G3778] sons [G5207] of Bilhah whom [G3739] Laban gave [G1325] to Rachel the [G3588] his daughter [G2364][G1473], who [G3739] bore [G5088] these [G3778] the [G3588] to Jacob -- all [G3956] the [G3588] souls [G5590] [were] seven [G2033].
And all [G3956][G1161] the [G3588] souls [G5590] the [G3588] entering [G1525] with [G3326] Jacob into [G1519] Egypt -- the [ones] the [G3588] coming forth [G1831] from out of [G1537] the [G3588] his thighs [G3382][G1473], separate from [G5565] the [G3588] wives [G1135] of Jacob's sons [G5207] -- all [G3956] souls [G5590] [were] sixty-six .
And sons [G5207][G1161] of Joseph the [G3588] being born [G1096] to him [G1473] in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Egypt -- souls [G5590] nine [G1767]. All [G3956] souls [G5590] of house [G3624] of Jacob of the [G3588] [ones] entering [G1525] with [G3326] Jacob into [G1519] Egypt -- souls [G5590] seventy-five .
the [G3588] And [G1161] he sent Judah in front of [G1715] him [G1473] to [G4314] Joseph, to meet [G4876] him [G1473] near [G2596] Heropolis [G4172], in [G1519] land '[G1093] of Rameses.
teaming up And [G1161] Joseph the [G3588] his chariots [G1473], went up to [G1519] meet [G4877] Israel the [G3588] his father [G3962][G1473] at [G2596] Heropolis [G4172]. And [G2532] seeing [G3708] him [G1473], he fell [G1968] upon [G1909] the [G3588] his neck [G5137][G1473]. And [G2532] he wept [G2799] weeping [G2805] greatly [G4183].
And [G2532] Israel said [G2036] to [G4314] Joseph, I will [gladly] die from the [G3588] now [on [G3568], since [G1893] I have seen [G3708] the [G3588] face [G4383] of you [G1473], for still [G2089][G1063] you [G1473] live [G2198].
said [G2036] And [G1161] Joseph] to [G4314] the [G3588] brothers of him [G1473], In going up , I will report the [G3588] to Pharaoh. And [G2532] I will say [G2046] to him [G1473], the [G3588] My brothers [G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] house [G3624] of the [G3588] father [G3962] of me [G1473], who [G3739] were in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Canaan, have come [G2240] to [G4314] me [G1473].
And the [G3588][G1161] men are shepherds [G4166], men for [G1063] grazing cattle they were . And [G2532] the [G3588] cattle [G2934], and [G2532] the [G3588] oxen [G1016], and [G2532] all [G3956] the [G3588]ir [things] [G1473], they have conveyed '.
If [G1437] then [G3767] should call [G2564] you [G1473] Pharaoh], and [G2532] he should say [G2036], What [G5100] your work [G2041][G1473] is ?
You will say [G2046], men grazing cattle We are the [G3588] your servants [G3816][G1473], from [G1537] child [hood [G3816] until [G2193] the [G3588] present [G3568], even [G2532] we [G1473] and [G2532] the [G3588] our fathers [G3962][G1473]; that [G2443] you may dwell [G2730] in [G1722] land '[G1093] of Goshen of Arabia. [is an] abomination For [G1063] to Egyptians every [G3956] shepherd [G4166] of flocks [G4263].