2 Chronicles Chapter 32 -

And [G2532] after [G3326] the [G3588] words [G3056] these [G3778], and [G2532] the [G3588] this truth [G3778], came [G2064] Sennacherib king of Assyrians. And [G2532] he came [G2064] unto [G1909] Judah, and [G2532] he camped about [G1909] the [G3588] cities [G4172] the [G3588] walled , and [G2532] he spoke [G2036] at first to take them [G1473].
And [G2532] Hezekiah looked [at] [G1492] that [G3754] Sennacherib comes [G2240], and [G2532] the [G3588] his face [G4383][G1473] the [G3588] [was] to wage war [G4170] against [G1909] Jerusalem.
And [G2532] he consulted [G1011] with [G3326] the [G3588] his elders [G4245][G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] mighty ones [G1415] to obstruct the [G3588] waters [G5204] of the [G3588] springs [G4077] which [G3739] was outside [G1854] the [G3588] city [G4172], and [G2532] they vigorously assisted him [G1473].
And [G2532] he brought together [G4863] people [G2992] many [G4183], and [G2532] [they] obstructed the [G3588] waters [G5204] of the [G3588] springs [G4077], and [G2532] the [G3588] rushing stream [G5493] the [G3588] separating through [G1223] the [G3588] city [G4172], saying [G3004], Should [G3361] come [G2064] king of Assyrians] and [G2532] find [G2147] water [G5204] much [G4183], and [G2532] grow strong [G2729]?
And [G2532] Hezekiah strengthened himself [G2729], and [G2532] built up [G3618] every [G3956] the [G3588] wall [G5038] the [G3588] having been razed [G2679], and [G2532] towers [G4444], and [G2532] outside [G1854] wall around another . And [G2532] he strengthened [G2729] the [G3588] elevation of the [G3588] city [G4172] of David, and [G2532] carefully prepared [G2680] weapons [G3696] many [G4183].
And [G2532] he put [G5087] rulers of war [G4171] over [G1909] the [G3588] people [G2992]. And [G2532] they were brought together [G4863] to [G4314] him [G1473] upon [G1909] the [G3588] square [G4113] of the [G3588] gate [G4439] of the [G3588] city [G4172]. And [G2532] he spoke [G2980] unto [G1909] the [G3588]ir heart [G2588][G1473], saying [G3004],
Be strong [G2480] and [G2532] be manly ! [Do] not [G3361] fear [G5399], nor [G3366] be terrified [G4422] from face [G4383] of king of Assyria, nor [G2532] from face [G4383] of any [G3956] of the [G3588] tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484] the [G3588] with [G3326] him [G1473]! for [G3754] with [G3326] us [G1473] [are] more [G4183] over [G5228] the [G3588] [ones] with [G3326] him [G1473].
With [G3326] him [G1473] [are] arms [G1023] of flesh '[G4559], with [G3326] us [G1473] but [G1161] [is the] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] our God '[G2316][G1473], the [G3588] to deliver [G4982] and [G2532] the [G3588] to wage [G4170] the [G3588] our war [G4171][G1473]. And [G2532] relied with confidence the [G3588] people [G2992] upon [G1909] the [G3588] words [G3056] of Hezekiah king of Judah.
And [G2532] after [G3326] these [things] [G3778] sent Sennacherib king of Assyrians the [G3588] his servants [G3816][G1473] unto [G1909] Jerusalem. And [G2532] he [was [G1473] by [G1909] Lachish, and [G2532] all [G3956] the [G3588] his military [G4756][G1473] with [G3326] him [G1473]. And [G2532] he sent to [G4314] Hezekiah king of Judah, and [G2532] to [G4314] all [G3956] Judah the [G3588] in [G1722] Jerusalem, saying [G3004],
Thus [G3779] says [G3004] Sennacherib king of Assyrians, Upon [G1909] whom [G5100] do you [G1473] rely [G3982], that [G2532] you settle [G2521] in [G1722] the [G3588] stronghold [G4042] in [G1722] Jerusalem?
Has not [G3780] Hezekiah deceived you [G1473] the [G3588] to deliver [G3860] you [G1473] into [G1519] death [G2288], and [G2532] into [G1519] hunger [G3042], and [G2532] into [G1519] thirst , saying [G3004], Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] our God '[G2316][G1473] will deliver [G4982] us [G1473] from [G1537] hand [G5495] of king of Assyria?
not [G3756] this [G3778] Is Hezekiah who [G3739] removed [G4014] the [G3588] his altars [G2379][G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] his high [places [G5308][G1473], and [G2532] said [G2036] to the [G3588] Judah, and [G2532] to the [G3588] [ones] dwelling [G2730] in [G1722] Jerusalem, saying [G3004], Before [G1799] the [G3588] this altar [G2379][G3778] you will do obeisance [G4352], and [G2532] upon [G1909] it [G1473] you will burn incense [G2370]?
Do you not [G3756] know [G1097] what [G5100] did [G4160] I [G1473] and [G2532] the [G3588] my fathers [G3962][G1473] to all [G3956] the [G3588] peoples [G2992] of the [G3588] places [G5561]. In [G3361] being able [G1410], were able [G1410] the [G3588] gods '[G2316] of the [G3588] tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484] of all [G3956] the [G3588] land '[G1093] to deliver [G4982] the [G3588]ir people [G2992][G1473] from [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473]?
Who [G5100] among [G1722] all [G3956] the [G3588] gods '[G2316] of the [G3588]se tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484][G3778], which [G3739] utterly destroyed [G1842] the [G3588] my fathers [G3962][G1473], [is the one] who [G3361] is able [G1410] to rescue [G4982] the [G3588] his people [G2992][G1473] from [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473], that [G3754] will be able [G1410] the [G3588] your God '[G2316][G1473] to deliver [G4982] you [G1473] from out of [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473]?
And [G2532] now [G3568], let not [G3361] deceive you [G1473] Hezekiah], and [G2532] not [G3361] persuade [G3982] you [G1473] to do [G4160] according to [G2596] these [things] [G3778], and [G2532] do not [G3361] trust '[G4100] him [G1473]; for [G3754] in no way was able [G1410] a god [G2316] of any [G3956] tradition-people (ethnic) '[G1484] and [G2532] government ' the [G3588] to deliver [G4982] the [G3588] his people [G2992][G1473] from out of [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473], and [G2532] from out of [G1537] hand [G5495] of the [G3588] my fathers [G3962][G1473]. For [G3754] the [G3588] your God '[G2316][G1473] in no way will] deliver [G4982] you [G1473] from out of [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473].
And [G2532] still [G2089] spoke [G2980] the [G3588] his servants [G3816][G1473] against [G1909] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316], and [G2532] against [G1909] Hezekiah his servant [G3816][G1473].
And [G2532] a scroll he wrote [G1125] the [G3588] to berate [G3679] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316] of Israel. And [G2532] he said [G2036] concerning [G4012] him [G1473], saying [G3004], As [G2531] the [G3588] gods '[G2316] of the [G3588] tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484] of the [G3588] land '[G1093] did not [G3756] rescue [G1807] the [G3588]ir people [G2992][G1473] from [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473], so [G3779] in no way will rescue [G1807] the [G3588] God '[G2316] of Hezekiah the [G3588] his people [G2992][G1473] from out of [G1537] my hand [G5495][G1473].
And [G2532] they yelled with [G1722] voice [G5456] a great [G3173] in Jewish unto [G1909] the [G3588] people [G2992] of Jerusalem the [G3588] upon [G1909] the [G3588] wall [G5038], the [G3588] to make them afraid [G5399] of them [G1473], and [G2532] the [G3588] to tear them down [G1473], so as [G3704] to first take the [G3588] city [G4172].
And [G2532] he spoke [G2980] against [G1909] the [G3588] God '[G2316] of Jerusalem, as [G5613] also [G2532] against [G1909] the [G3588] gods '[G2316] of the [G3588] peoples [G2992] of the [G3588] land '[G1093] -- works [G2041] of hands [G5495] of men .
And [G2532] prayed [G4336] Hezekiah the [G3588] king , and [G2532] Isaiah son [G5207] of Amoz the [G3588] prophet [G4396] concerning [G4012] these [things] [G3778], and [G2532] they yelled unto [G1519] the [G3588] raised-place-above (sky) '[G3772].
And [G2532] BOSS sent [G2962] a word-conveyer (messenger) ', and [G2532] he obliterated every [G3956] mighty [G1415] warrior , and [G2532] ruler , and [G2532] commandant [G4755] in [G1722] the [G3588] camp [G3925] of the [G3588] king of Assyria. And [G2532] he returned with [G3326] shame of face [G4383] into [G1519] the [G3588] his land '[G1093][G1438]. And [G2532] he entered [G1525] into [G1519] house [G3624] of the [G3588] his god [G2316][G1473], and [G2532] some of the [G3588] [ones] coming forth [G1831] from [G1537] his belly [G2836][G1473] overthrew [G2598] him [G1473] by [G1722] broadsword [G4501].
And [G2532] BOSS delivered [G4982][G2962] the [G3588] Hezekiah and [G2532] the [G3588] [ones] dwelling [G2730] in [G1722] Jerusalem from [G1537] hand [G5495] of Sennacherib king of Assyria, and [G2532] from [G1537] hand [G5495] of all [G3956], and [G2532] rested [G2664] them [G1473] round about [G2943].
And [G2532] many [G4183] brought [G5342] gifts [G1435] to the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] in [G1519] Jerusalem, and [G2532] presents [G1390] the [G3588] to Hezekiah king of Judah. And [G2532] he was elevated [G5229] in [G2596] eyes [G3788] of all [G3956] the [G3588] tradition-peoples (ethnics) '[G1484] after [G3326] these [things] [G3778].
In [G1722] the [G3588] those days [G2250][G1565] Hezekiah became ill unto [G2193] death [G2288], and [G2532] he prayed [G4336] to [G4314] Boss '[G2962]. And [G2532] he heeded [G1873] him [G1473], and [G2532] a sign [G4592] gave [G1325] to him [G1473].
And [G2532] [rendered] not [G3756] according to [G2596] the [G3588] recompense which [G3739] he recompensed to him [G1473] Hezekiah]; but he exalted [G5312] the [G3588] his heart [G2588][G1473]. And [G2532] came [G1096] upon [G1909] him [G1473] wrath [G3709], and [G2532] upon [G1909] Judah, and [G2532] Jerusalem.
And [G2532] Hezekiah was humbled [G5013] from the [G3588] haughtiness [G5311] of the [G3588] his heart [G2588][G1473], he [G1473] and [G2532] the [G3588] [ones] dwelling [G2730] in Jerusalem. And [G2532] did not [G3756] come [G1904] upon [G1909] them [G1473] wrath [G3709] [of the] Boss '[G2962] in [G1722] the [G3588] days [G2250] of Hezekiah.
And [G2532] there came [G1096] [to the [G3588] Hezekiah riches [G4149] and [G2532] glory [G1391] -- much [G4183] exceedingly [G4970]. And [G2532] treasuries [G2344] he made [G4160] himself [G1473] of silver , and [G2532] of gold [G5553], and [G2532] stone [G3037] of valuable [G5093], and [G2532] for [G1519] the [G3588] aromatics ; and [G2532] armories he made [G4160], and [G2532] for all [G3956] the [G3588] items [G4632] of the [G3588] desirable [things] [G1939] storehouses ;
and [G2532] cities [G4172] for [G1519] the [G3588] produce [G1081] of the [G3588] grain [G4621], and [G2532] wine [G3631], and [G2532] olive oil [G1637]; and [G2532] stables [G5336] for every [G3956] beast [G2934], and [G2532] havens for [G1519] the [G3588] flocks [G4168].
And [G2532] cities [G4172] he made [G4160] for himself [G1438], and [G2532] possessions of sheep [G4263] and [G2532] oxen [G1016] in [G1519] abundance [G4128]; for [G3754] gave [G1325] to him [G1473] Boss '[G2962] belongings vast [G4183] exceedingly [G4970].
Hezekiah himself [G1473] obstructed the [G3588] delivery [G1841] of the [G3588] water [G5204] of Gihon -- the [G3588] upper [part , and [G2532] he straightened [G2720] it [G1473] below [G2736] to [G4314] west [G1424] of the [G3588] city [G4172] of David. And [G2532] the way of Hezekiah was prospered [G2137] in [G1722] all [G3956] the [G3588] his works [G2041][G1473].
And [G2532] thus [G3779] in [G1722] the [matters concerning the [G3588] ambassadors [G4246] of the [G3588] rulers of the [G3588] [ones] from Babylon the [G3588] being sent to [G4314] him [G1473], to inquire [G4441] of [G3844] him [G1473] of the [G3588] miracle [G5059] which [G3739] took place [G1096] in [G1909] the [G3588] land '[G1093], that [G2532] abandoned [G1459] him [G1473] Boss '[G2962], the [G3588] to test [G3985] him [G1473], to know [G1492] the [things] [G3588] in [G1722] the [G3588] his heart [G2588][G1473].
And [G2532] the [G3588] rest [G3062] of the [G3588] words [G3056] of Hezekiah, and [G2532] the [G3588] his mercies [G1656][G1473], look [G2400], they are written [G1125] in [G1722] the [G3588] prophecy [G4394] of Isaiah son [G5207] of Amoz the [G3588] prophet [G4396], and [G2532] upon [G1909] scroll of kings of Judah and [G2532] Israel.
And [G2532] Hezekiah slept [G2837] with [G3326] the [G3588] his fathers [G3962][G1473]. And [G2532] they entombed [G2290] him [G1473] in [G1722] the [G3588] ascent of the [G3588] burying-places [G5028] of sons [G5207] of David. And [G2532] glory [G1391] and [G2532] honor [G5092] they gave [G1325] to him [G1473] in [G1722] the [G3588] his death [G2288][G1473], [even] all [G3956] Judah, and [G2532] the [G3588] [ones] dwelling [G2730] in [G1722] Jerusalem. And [G2532] reigned Manasseh son [G5207] of him [G1473] instead of him [G1473].