2 Chronicles Chapter 26 -

And [G2532] took [G2983] all [G3956] the [G3588] people [G2992] of the [G3588] land '[G1093] Uzziah, and [G2532] he [was [G1473] a son [G5207] sixteen years old [G2094], and [G2532] they gave him reign [G1473] in place of the [G3588] his father [G3962][G1473] Amaziah.
He [G1473] built [G3618] the [G3588] Eloth; he [G1473] returned [G1994] it [G1473] the [G3588] to Judah after [G3326] the [G3588] slept [G2837] the [G3588] king with [G3326] the [G3588] his fathers [G3962][G1473].
[was] a son [G5207] [being] sixteen years [old [G2094] the [G3588] Uzziah] in [G1722] the [G3588] his taking reign [G1473]. And [G2532] fifty [G4004] and [G2532] two [G1417] years [G2094] he reigned in [G1722] Jerusalem. And [G2532] name [G3686] of the [G3588] his mother [G3384][G1473] [was] Jecoliah, from Jerusalem.
And [G2532] he did [G4160] the [G3588] upright before [G1799] Boss '[G2962], according to [G2596] all [G3956] as much as [G3745] did [G4160] Amaziah the [G3588] his father [G3962][G1473].
And [G2532] he was seeking after [G1567] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962] in [G1722] the [G3588] days [G2250] of Zechariah, the [G3588] [one] perceiving [G4920] in [G1722] a vision [G3706] of God '[G2316]. And [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] days [G2250] in which [G3739] he sought after [G1567] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962], prospered [G2720] him [G1473] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316].
And [G2532] he went forth [G1831] and [G2532] waged war [G4170] against [G4314] the [G3588] Philistines , and [G2532] tore down the [G3588] walls [G5038] of Gath, and [G2532] the [G3588] walls [G5038] of Jabneh, and [G2532] the [G3588] walls [G5038] of Ashdod. And [G2532] he built [G3618] cities [G4172] in [G1722] Ashdod, and [G2532] among [G1722] the [G3588] Philistines .
And [G2532] strengthened [G2729] him [G1473] Boss '[G2962] against [G1909] the [G3588] Philistines , and [G2532] against [G1909] the [G3588] Arabians, the [G3588] [ones] dwelling [G2730] upon [G1909] the [G3588] rock [G4073], and [G2532] against [G1909] the [G3588] Mehunim.
And [G2532] gave [G1325] the [G3588] Mehunim] gifts [G1435] the [G3588] to Uzziah. And [G2532] was the [G3588] name [G3686] of him [G1473] [famous] unto [G2193] entrance [G1529] of Egypt, for [G3754] he strengthened himself [G2729] even [G2193] higher .
And [G2532] Uzziah built [G3618] towers [G4444] in [G1722] Jerusalem, both [G2532] at [G1909] the [G3588] gate [G4439] of the [G3588] corner [G1137], and [G2532] at [G1909] the [G3588] gate [G4439] of the [G3588] ravine [G5327], and [G2532] at [G1909] the [G3588] corners [G1137]; and [G2532] he strengthened [G2729] them [G1473].
And [G2532] he built [G3618] towers [G4444] in [G1722] the [G3588] wilderness [G2048], and [G2532] quarried [G2998] wells many [G4183]; for [G3754] cattle [G2934] much [G4183] existed [G5224] to him [G1473] in [G1722] Sephela and [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] plain [G3977] -- farmers [G1092] and [G2532] vine dressers in [G1722] the [G3588] raised-places (mountains) '[G3735] and [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] Carmel; for [G3754] he was fond of husbandry .
And [G2532] there existed [G1096] the [G3588] to Uzziah a force [G1411] to make [G4160] war [G4171], and [G2532] [for] going forth [G1607] into [G1519] battle array . And [G2532] the [G3588] count of the [G3588] numbering of them [G1473] [was] through [G1223] hand [G5495] of Jeiel the [G3588] scholar (scribe) '[G1122] (sofer [H5613]), and [G2532] Maaseiah the [G3588] judge [G2923], and [G2532] through [G1223] hand [G5495] of Hananiah, the [G3588] substitute [G1240] for the [G3588] king .
All [G3956] the [G3588] number of the [G3588] rulers of the [G3588] families [G3965] of the [G3588] mighty ones [G1415] for [G1519] war [G4171] -- two thousand [G1367] six hundred [G1812].
And [G2532] with [G3326] them [G1473] a force [G1411] for warfare -- three hundred [G5145] thousand [G5505] and [G2532] seven thousand [G2035] and [G2532] five hundred [G4001]. These are [G3778] the [G3588] [ones] preparing [G4160] for war [G4171] in [G1722] a force [G1411] of strength [G2479], to help the [G3588] king over [G1909] the [G3588] opponents [G5227].
And [G2532] made preparations [G2090] for them [G1473] Uzziah], [giving to] all [G3956] for the [G3588]ce [G1411] shields [G2375], and [G2532] spears , and [G2532] helmets [G4030], and [G2532] chest [plates [G2382], and [G2532] bows [G5115], and [G2532] slings for [G1519] stones [G3037].
And [G2532] he made [G4160] in [G1722] Jerusalem machines being constructed for devices [G3053] the [G3588] to be upon [G1909] the [G3588] towers [G4444], and [G2532] upon [G1909] the [G3588] corners [G1137], the [G3588] to throw arrows and [G2532] stones [G3037] great [G3173]. And [G2532] was heard about the [G3588] apparatus their [G1473] unto [G2193] a distance [G4206], for [G3754] he was wonderfully the [G3588] helped until [G2193] of which [time] [G3739] he grew strong [G2729].
And [G2532] as [G5613] he grew strong [G2729] was raised up [G5312] the [G3588] his heart [G2588][G1473] the [G3588] to corrupt [G2704]. And [G2532] he transgressed against [G1722] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316] of him [G1473], and [G2532] he entered [G1525] into [G1519] the [G3588] temple [G3485] of Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] to burn incense [G2370] upon [G1909] the [G3588] altar [G2379] of of the [G3588] incenses [G2368].
And [G2532] entered [G1525] after [G3694] him [G1473] Azariah the [G3588] priest [G2409], and [G2532] with [G3326] him [G1473] eighty [G3589] priests [G2409] of Boss '[G2962] -- sons [G5207] of power [G1411].
And [G2532] they stood by [G2186] against [G1909] Uzziah the [G3588] king , and [G2532] they said [G2036] to him [G1473], [It is] not for you [G3756][G1473], Uzziah, the [G3588] to burn incense [G2370] to the [G3588] Boss '[G2962], but only to the [G3588] priests [G2409], to the [G3588] sons [G5207] of Aaron, to the [G3588] [ones] having been sanctified the [G3588] to burn incense [G2370]. Go forth [G1831] from the [G3588] sanctuary ! for [G3754] you departed from the [G3588] Boss '[G2962], for [G2532] will not [G3756] be to you [G1473] this [G3778] for [G1519] glory [G1391] from [G3844] Boss '[G2962] the [G3588] God '[G2316].
And [G2532] Uzziah was enraged [G2373]. And [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] his hand [G5495][G1473] [was] the [G3588] incense pan [G2369] the [G3588] to burn incense [G2370] in [G1722] the [G3588] temple [G3485]. And [G2532] in [G1722] the [G3588] his being enraged [G2373][G1473] against [G4314] the [G3588] priests [G2409], that [G2532] the [G3588] leprosy [G3014] rose on [G1722] the [G3588] his forehead [G3359][G1473] before [G1726] the [G3588] priests [G2409] in [G1722] the [G3588] house [G3624] of Boss '[G2962] upon [G1883] the [G3588] altar [G2379] of the [G3588] incenses [G2368].
And [G2532] turned [G1994] unto [G1909] him [G1473] Azariah the [G3588] priest [G2409] for the [G3588]emost [G4413], and [G2532] the [G3588] priests [G2409], and [G2532] look [G2400], he [G1473] [was] leprous [G3015] in [G1722] for the [G3588]ehead [G3359]. And [G2532] they hastened him [G1473] from there [G1564], for even [G2532][G1063] he himself [G1473] hastened [G4692] to come forth [G1831], for [G3754] reproved [G1651] him [G1473] the [G3588] Boss '[G2962].
And [G2532] Uzziah the [G3588] king was leprous [G3015] until [G2193] day [G2250] of the [G3588] his decease [G5054][G1473]. And [G2532] in [G1722] a house [G3624] for sick he settled [G2521], [being] leprous [G3015], for [G3754] he was severed from house [G3624] of Boss '[G2962]. And [G2532] Jotham the [G3588] son [G5207] of him [G1473] [was] over [G1909] the [G3588] his government '[G1473], to judge [G2919] the [G3588] people [G2992] of the [G3588] land '[G1093].
And [G2532] the [G3588] rest [G3062] of words [G3056] of Uzziah, the [G3588] first [G4413] and [G2532] the [G3588] last [G2078], [are] written [G1125] by [G5259] Isaiah son [G5207] of Amoz the [G3588] prophet [G4396].
And [G2532] Uzziah slept [G2837] with [G3326] the [G3588] his fathers [G3962][G1473], and [G2532] they entombed [G2290] him [G1473] with [G3326] the [G3588] his fathers [G3962][G1473] in [G1722] the [G3588] field of the [G3588] burial [place] [G5027] of the [G3588] kings , for [G3754] they said [G2036], He is leprous [G3015]. And [G2532] reigned Jotham son [G5207] of him [G1473] instead of him [G1473].