Song Of Solomon Chapter 8 -

Who <G5100> should grant <G1325> you <G1473>, O my beloved [man <G79.1><G1473>, nursing <G2337> breasts <G3149> of my mother <G3384><G1473>; finding <G2147> you <G1473> outside <G1854> I should kiss <G5368> you <G1473>, and <G2532> indeed <G1065>, they will not <G3756> treat me with contempt <G1847><G1473>.
I will take you <G3880><G1473>; I will bring you <G1521><G1473> into <G1519> house <G3624> of my mother <G3384><G1473>, and <G2532> into <G1519> inner chamber <G5009> of the [one] <G3588> conceiving <G4815> me <G1473>. I will give you to drink <G4222><G1473> from <G575> wine <G3631> the <G3588> scented <G3460.1> off <G575> juice <G3484.2> of my pomegranates <G4496.1><G1473>.
His left [hand] is <G2176><G1473> under <G5259> the <G3588> my head <G2776><G1473>, and <G2532> the <G3588> right [hand] <G1188> of him <G1473> will embrace me <G4033.2><G1473>.
I bound you by an oath <G3726><G1473>, O daughters <G2364> of Jerusalem, by <G1722> the <G3588> powers <G1411>, by <G1722> the <G3588> strengths <G2479> of the <G3588> field <G68>, why <G5100> should you arise <G1453> and <G2532> why <G5100> should you awaken <G1825> the <G3588> love <G26> until <G2193> whenever <G302> it should want <G2309>?
Who <G5100> [is] this <G3778> the <G3588> going up <G305> from <G575> wilderness <G2048>, staying <G1991> upon <G1909> the <G3588> her beloved [man <G79.1><G1473>? Under <G5259> apple [tree <G3373.1> I awakened <G1825> you <G1473>. There <G1563> travailed <G5605> with you <G1473> the <G3588> your mother <G3384><G1473>. There <G1563> she travailed <G5605> with you <G1473>, the <G3588> giving birth to <G5088> you <G1473>.
Set <G5087> me <G1473> as <G5613> a seal <G4973> upon <G1909> the <G3588> your heart <G2588><G1473>, as <G5613> a seal <G4973> upon <G1909> the <G3588> your arm <G1023><G1473>! For <G3754> [is] strong <G2900> as <G5613> death <G2288> the <G3588> love <G26>; hard <G4642> as <G5613> Hades <G86> [is] jealousy <G2205>; her sparks <G4047.3><G1473> [are] sparks <G4047.3> of fire <G4442> of her flames <G5395><G1473>.
water <G5204> Much <G4183> will not <G3756> be able <G1410> to extinguish <G4570> the <G3588> love <G26>, and <G2532> rivers <G4215> will not <G3756> engulf <G4789.2> it <G1473>. If <G1437> should give <G1325> a man <G435> all <G3956> the <G3588> his livelihood <G979><G1473> for <G1722> the <G3588> love <G26>, [with] contempt <G1847.2> [men] will treat it contemptuously <G1847><G1473>.
Our sister <G79><G1473> [is] small <G3397> and <G2532> breasts <G3149> no <G3756> has <G2192>; what <G5100> will we do <G4160> for the <G3588> our sister <G79><G1473> in <G1722> day <G2250> in which <G3739> ever <G302> she should be spoken for <G2980> in <G1722> it <G1473>?
If <G1487> she is a wall <G5038><G1510.2.3>, we should build <G3618> upon <G1909> her <G1473> parapets <G1874.2> of silver <G693>. And <G2532> if <G1487> she is a door <G2374><G1510.2.3>, we will circumscribe <G1234.2> for <G1909> her <G1473> plank <G4548> cedar <G2747.2>.
I [am <G1473> a wall <G5038>, and <G2532> the <G3588> my breasts <G3149><G1473> [are] as <G5613> towers <G4444>. I <G1473> was <G1510.7.1> in <G1722> their eyes <G3788><G1473> as <G5613> one finding <G2147> peace <G1515>.
A Vineyard <G290> existed <G1096> [to the <G3588> Solomon in <G1722> Baal-hamon. He gave over <G1325> the <G3588> his vineyard <G290><G1473> to the [ones] <G3588> keeping [it <G5083>. [Every] man <G435> will bring <G5342> for <G1722> its fruit <G2590><G1473> a thousand <G5507> [pieces] of silver <G694>.
My vineyard <G290><G1473>, mine <G1699>, [is] before <G1799> me <G1473>. the <G3588> thousands <G5507> to Solomon, and <G2532> the <G3588> two hundred <G1250> to the [ones] <G3588> keeping <G5083> the <G3588> its fruit <G2590><G1473>.
O one the <G3588> sitting down <G2521> in <G1722> gardens <G2779>, companions <G2083> are taking heed <G4337> [to the <G3588> your voice <G5456><G1473>. You caused me to hear <G190.9><G1473>!
Flee <G5343>, O my beloved [man <G79.1><G1473>, and <G2532> be like <G3666> the <G3588> doe <G1393> or <G2228> the <G3588> fawn <G3496.2> of the <G3588> hinds <G1643.1> upon <G1909> raised-places (mountains) '<G3735> of aromatics <G759>!