Judges Chapter 15 -

And <G2532> it came to pass <G1096> after <G3326> [some] days <G2250>, at <G1722> days <G2250> harvest <G2326> of wheat <G4447.1>, that <G2532> Samson visited <G1980> the <G3588> his wife <G1135><G1473>, carrying <G5342> a kid <G2056> of goats <G137.1>. And <G2532> he said <G2036>, I will enter <G1525> to <G4314> the <G3588> my wife <G1135><G1473> into <G1519> the <G3588> bedroom <G2846>. But <G2532> would not <G3756> grant <G1325> him <G1473> the <G3588> her father <G3962><G1473> to enter <G1525>.
And <G2532> said <G2036> the <G3588> her father <G3962><G1473>, In saying <G2036>, I said <G2036> that <G3754>, By detesting <G3404> you detested <G3404> her <G1473>; and <G2532> I gave <G1325> her <G1473> to the <G3588> your companion <G4907.2><G1473>. not <G3756> look <G2400> the <G3588> sister <G79> her <G1473> the <G3588> younger <G3501> better <G2908> [than] she <G1473> is <G1510.2.3>? Let her be <G1510.5> to you <G1473> instead <G473> of her <G1473>!
And <G2532> said <G2036> to him <G1473> Samson], I am innocent <G121><G1510.2.1> this the <G3588> once <G530> concerning <G575> Philistines <G246>, that <G3754> I myself should do <G4160><G1473> with <G3326> you <G1473> evils <G2556>.
And <G2532> Samson went <G4198> and <G2532> seized <G4815> three hundred <G5145> foxes <G258>, and <G2532> took <G2983> lamps <G2985>, and <G2532> tied together <G4887> tail <G2771.1> to <G4314> tail <G2771.1>, and <G2532> put <G5087> lamp <G2985> one <G1520> between <G303.1> the <G3588> two <G1417> tails <G2771.1>, and <G2532> guided [them <G3594>.
And <G2532> he kindled <G1572> fire <G4442> in <G1722> the <G3588> lamps <G2985>, and <G2532> he sent [them] out <G1821> in <G1722> the <G3588> ears of corn <G4719> of the <G3588> Philistines <G246>. And <G2532> he burned <G1716.1> the <G3588> ears of corn <G4719> from <G575> threshing-floor <G257>, and <G2532> unto <G2193> ears of corn <G4719> straight standing <G3717>, and <G2532> unto <G2193> vineyard <G290>, and <G2532> olive [orchards <G1636>.
And <G2532> said <G2036> the <G3588> Philistines <G246>, Who <G5100> did <G4160> these [things] <G3778>? And <G2532> they said <G2036>, Samson, the <G3588> son-in-law <G1059.2> of the <G3588> Timnite, because <G3754> he took <G2983> the <G3588> his wife <G1135><G1473>, and <G2532> he gave <G1325> her <G1473> to the <G3588> his male companion <G4907.2><G1473>. And <G2532> ascended up <G305> the <G3588> Philistines <G246> and <G2532> burnt <G1714> her <G1473> and <G2532> the <G3588> house <G3624> of the <G3588> her father <G3962><G1473> by <G1722> fire <G4442>.
And <G2532> said <G2036> to them <G1473> Samson], Since <G1437> you should do <G4160> thus <G3779>, I will not think well <G3756><G2106>, but <G235> the <G3588> my vengeance <G1557><G1473> against <G1537> one <G1520> each <G1538> of you <G1473> I will execute <G4160>.
And <G2532> he struck <G3960> them <G1473> leg <G2833.1> on <G1909> thigh <G3382> beating <G4127> with a great <G3173>. And <G2532> he went down <G2597> and <G2532> sat down <G2523> at <G1722> hole <G5168> in the <G3588> rock <G4073> of Etam.
And <G2532> went up <G305> the <G3588> Philistines <G246> and <G2532> camped <G3924.2> in <G1722> Judah, and <G2532> cast forth <G1610.1> about <G1722> Lehi.
And <G2532> said <G2036> to them <G1473> every <G3956> man <G435> of Judah], Why <G2444> have you went up <G305> against <G1909> us <G1473>? And <G2532> said <G2036> the <G3588> Philistines <G246>, to tie up <G1210> the <G3588> Samson We ascended <G305>, and <G2532> to do <G4160> to him <G1473> in which <G3739> manner <G5158> he did <G4160> to us <G1473>.
And <G2532> went down <G2597> three thousand <G5153> men <G435> of <G1537> Judah] unto <G1909> hole <G5168> in rock <G4073> of Etam, and <G2532> said <G2036> to <G4314> Samson, Do you not <G3756> look [at] <G1492> that <G3754> dominate <G2961> the <G3588> Philistines <G246> us <G1473>? Then <G2532> why <G2444> these [things] <G3778> did you [do <G4160> to us <G1473>? And <G2532> said <G2036> to them <G1473> Samson], In which <G3739> manner <G5158> they did <G4160> to me <G1473>, so <G3779> I did <G4160> to them <G1473>.
And <G2532> they said <G2036> to him <G1473>, to tie <G1210> you <G1473> We came down <G2597>, the <G3588> to deliver you up <G3860><G1473> into <G1519> hands <G5495> of Philistines <G246>. And <G2532> said <G2036> to them <G1473> Samson], Swear to me by an oath <G3660><G1473> to not kill <G3361><G615> me <G1473> yourselves <G1473>, that <G2532> lest at any time <G3379> you should meet up with <G4876> me <G1473> yourselves <G1473>.
And <G2532> they swore by an oath <G3660> to him <G1473>, saying <G3004>, No <G3780>, but only <G237.1> by a bond <G1199> will we tie <G1210> you <G1473>, for <G2532> we should deliver <G3860> you up <G1473> into <G1519> their hands <G5495><G1473>; but to death <G2288><G1161> we will not <G3756> kill you <G2289><G1473>. And <G2532> they tied <G1210> him <G1473> with <G1722> two <G1417> ropes <G2572.1> new <G2537>, and <G2532> bore <G399> him <G1473> from <G1537> the <G3588> rock <G4073>.
And <G2532> he <G1473> came <G2064> unto <G2193> Jaw <G4600>, and <G2532> the <G3588> Philistines <G246> shouted <G214> and <G2532> ran <G5143> to <G1519> meet <G4877> him <G1473>. And <G2532> straightened <G2720> upon <G1909> him <G1473> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> [of the] Boss '<G2962>, and <G2532> became <G1096> the <G3588> ropes <G2572.1> the <G3588> in <G1722> the <G3588> his arms <G1023><G1473> as <G5616> hemp <G4769.2> when <G2259><G302> smells <G3750.1> fire <G4442>, and <G2532> melted away <G5080> the <G3588> bonds <G1199> from <G575> the <G3588> his arms <G1023><G1473>.
And <G2532> he found <G2147> a jaw [bone <G4600> of a donkey <G3688> having been tossed <G4495>. And <G2532> he stretched out <G1614> the <G3588> his hand <G5495><G1473>, and <G2532> took <G2983> it <G1473>, and <G2532> struck <G3960> with <G1722> it <G1473> a thousand <G5507> men <G435>.
And <G2532> Samson said <G2036>, By <G1722> jaw [bone <G4600> of a donkey <G3688>, in wiping away <G1813>, I wiped <G1813> them away <G1473>, for <G3754> by <G1722> the <G3588> jaw [bone <G4600> of the <G3588> donkey <G3688> I struck <G3960> a thousand <G5507> men <G435>.
And <G2532> it came to pass <G1096> when <G2259> he finished <G4931> speaking <G2980>, that <G2532> he tossed <G4495> the <G3588> jaw [bone <G4600> from <G575> the <G3588> his hand <G5495><G1473>, and <G2532> he called <G2564> the <G3588> that place <G5117><G1565>, Removal <G336> of Jaw <G4600>.
And <G2532> he thirsted <G1372> exceedingly <G4970>, and <G2532> he yelled <G994> to <G4314> Boss '<G2962>, and <G2532> said <G2036>, You <G1473> gave <G1325> by <G1722> hand <G5495> of the <G3588> your servant <G1401><G1473> the <G3588> deliverance <G4991> the <G3588> great <G3173> this <G3778>, and <G2532> now <G3568> will I die <G599> in <G1722> thirst <G1373>, and <G2532> fall <G1706> into <G1722> hand <G5495> of the <G3588> uncircumcised <G564>?
And <G2532> God opened <G455> the <G3588><G2316> the <G3588> gash <G5134>, the [one] <G3588> in <G1722> the <G3588> Jaw <G4600>, and <G2532> there came forth <G1831> from out of <G1537> it <G1473> waters <G5204>, and <G2532> he drank <G4095>, and <G2532> was restored <G1994> the <G3588> his blowing air (ghost) '<G4151><G1473>, and <G2532> he lived <G2198>. Because of <G1223> this <G3778> is called <G2564> the <G3588> its name <G3686><G1473>, Spring <G4077> of the <G3588> Calling Upon <G1941>, which <G3739> is <G1510.2.3> in <G1722> Jaw <G4600> until <G2193> the <G3588> this day <G2250><G3778>.
And <G2532> he judged <G2919> the <G3588> Israel in <G1722> days <G2250> of Philistines <G246> twenty <G1501> years <G2094>.