Jude Chapter 1 -

Jude, of Jesus <G2424> ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" <H3091>) Anointed "'<G5547> bondman <G1401>, and brother <G80><G1161> of James, to the [ones] <G3588> in <G1722> God '<G2316> father <G3962> having been sanctified <G37>, and <G2532> of Jesus <G2424> ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" <H3091>) Anointed <G5547>, being kept <G5083> -- called ones <G2822>.
compassion <G1656> to you <G1473>, and <G2532> peace <G1515> and <G2532> love <G26> may] be multiplied <G4129>.
Beloved <G27>, all <G3956> diligence <G4710> having <G4160> to write <G1125> to you <G1473> concerning <G4012> the <G3588> common <G2839> deliverance <G4991>, necessity <G318> I had <G2192> to write <G1125> to you <G1473>, exhorting [you <G3870> to contend earnestly <G1864> in the <G3588> once <G530> delivered up <G3860> to the [ones] <G3588> pure '<G40> trust '<G4102>.
For crept in <G3921><G1063> certain <G5100> men <G444>, the [ones] <G3588> earlier <G3819> being written about beforehand <G4270> in <G1519> this <G3778> the <G3588> judgment <G2917> -- impious <G765>, the <G3588> of the <G3588> our God '<G2316><G1473> favor <G5484> transposing <G3346> into <G1519> lewdness <G766>, and <G2532> the <G3588> only <G3441> boss <G1203> God '<G2316> and <G2532> Boss '<G2962> of us <G1473> Jesus <G2424> ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" <H3091>) Anointed <G5547>, denying <G720>.
to remind <G5279> And <G1161> you <G1473> I want <G1014>, knowing <G1492> you <G1473> once <G530> this <G3778>, that <G3754> the <G3588> Boss '<G2962> people <G2992> from out of <G1537> land '<G1093> of Egypt having delivered <G4982>, the <G3588> second <G1208> of the [ones] <G3588> not <G3361> trusting '<G4100> he destroyed <G622>.
Also word-conveyers (messengers) '<G32><G5037> the <G3588> not <G3361> keeping <G5083> their own the <G3588><G1473> sovereignty <G746>, but <G235> leaving <G620> their own the <G3588><G2398> dwelling-place <G3613>, for <G1519> judgment <G2920> of great <G3173> a day <G2250> bonds <G1199> in everlasting <G126> under <G5259> infernal region <G2217> he keeps <G5083>.
As <G5613> Sodom and <G2532> Gomorrah, and <G2532> the <G3588> around <G4012> them <G1473> cities <G4172> the <G3588> likened <G3664> to these <G3778> in manner <G5158> given themselves to fornication <G1608>, and <G2532> having gone <G565> after <G3694> flesh <G4561> other <G2087>, are situated <G4295> as an example <G1164>, fire <G4442> of the term (age) '<G166> punishment <G1349> undergoing <G5254>.
In like manner <G3668> however <G3305> also <G2532> these <G3778> dreaming ones <G1797>, flesh <G4561> indeed <G3303> defile <G3392>, lordships <G2963> and <G1161> annul <G114>, glorious [things] <G1391> and <G1161> blaspheme <G987>.
the <G3588> And <G1161> Michael the <G3588> archangel <G743>, when <G3753> the <G3588> devil <G1228> litigating [against <G1252>, reasoned <G1256> concerning <G4012> the <G3588> Moses's body <G4983>, did not <G3756> dare <G5111> case <G2920> to bear <G2018> a blasphemous <G988>, but <G235> said <G2036>, May reproach <G2008> you <G1473> Boss '<G2962>.
But these <G3778><G1161> indeed as many [things] as <G3745><G3303> they know not of <G3756><G1492>, they blaspheme <G987>; and as many [things] as <G3745><G1161> physically <G5447> as <G5613> the <G3588> illogical <G249> living creatures <G2226> they have knowledge of <G1987>, in <G1722> these [things] <G3778> they corrupt themselves <G5351>.
Woe <G3759> to them <G1473>, for <G3754> in the <G3588> way <G3598> of the <G3588> Cain they went <G4198>, and <G2532> in the <G3588> delusion <G4106> of the <G3588> Balaam for a wage <G3408> they shed <G1632>, and <G2532> in the <G3588> dispute <G485> of the <G3588> Core perished <G622>.
These the <G3588> are <G1510.2.6> in <G1722> the <G3588> your love [feasts <G26><G1473> [as] hidden reefs <G4694>, feasting together <G4910> among you <G1473>, fearlessly <G870> tending themselves <G1438><G4165>; clouds <G3507> waterless <G504> by <G5259> winds <G417> being carried about <G3911>; trees <G1186> autumnal <G5352> unfruitful <G175> twice <G1364> having died <G599>, being rooted out <G1610>;
waves <G2949> wild <G66> of sea <G2281> foaming up <G1890> their own the <G3588><G1438> shame <G152>; stars <G792> wandering <G4107>, ones to whom <G3739> the <G3588> infernal region <G2217> of the <G3588> darkness <G4655> into <G1519> the <G3588> age (term) `<G165> [is] being kept <G5083>.
prophesied <G4395> And <G1161> also <G2532> to these <G3778> seventh <G1442> from <G575> Adam '<G76> ["Red-Blood-Land-Man" <H121>] Enoch], saying <G3004>, look <G2400>, Lord came <G2064><G2962> with <G1722> pure '<G40> ones ten-thousands <G3461> of him '<G1473>,
executing <G4160> judgment <G2920> against <G2596> all <G3956>, and <G2532> to reprove <G1651> all <G3956> the <G3588> impious <G765> of them <G1473> concerning <G4012> all <G3956> the <G3588> works <G2041> of their impiety <G763><G1473> which <G3739> they were impious <G764>; and <G2532> concerning <G4012> all <G3956> of the <G3588> hard [things] <G4642> which <G3739> spoke <G2980> against <G2596> him <G1473> sinners <G268> impious <G765>.
These <G3778> are <G1510.2.6> grumblers <G1113> being discontented <G3202>, according to <G2596> the <G3588>ir desires <G1939><G1473> going <G4198>; and <G2532> the <G3588>ir mouth <G4750><G1473> speaks <G2980> pompous [things] <G5246>, admiring <G2296> a person <G4383> for benefit <G5622> of favor <G5484>.
But you <G1473><G1161> beloved <G27>, remember <G3403> the <G3588> sayings <G4487>! the [ones] <G3588> being described beforehand <G4280> by <G5259> the <G3588> sent ones (apostles) '<G652> of the <G3588> Boss '<G2962> of us <G1473> Jesus <G2424> ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" <H3091>) Anointed <G5547>.
For <G3754> they said <G3004> to you <G1473>, that <G3754> in <G1722> end <G2078> of time <G5550> there will be <G1510.8.6> mockers <G1703> according to <G2596> their own the <G3588><G1438> desires <G1939> going <G4198> of the <G3588> impious deeds <G763>.
These <G1473> are <G1510.2.6> the [ones] <G3588> separating bounds <G592>, physical <G5591>, blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> not <G3361> having <G2192>.
But you <G1473><G1161>, beloved <G27>, [in the <G3588> your most pure '<G40><G1473> trust '<G4102> building up <G2026> yourselves <G1438>, in <G1722> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> pure '<G40> praying <G4336>.
yourselves <G1438> in <G1722> love <G26> of God '<G2316> keep <G5083>! waiting for <G4327> the <G3588> compassion <G1656> of the <G3588> Boss '<G2962> of us <G1473> Jesus <G2424> ("I AM Salvation, successor to Moses" <H3091>) Anointed <G5547>, unto <G1519> life <G2222> of the term (age) '<G166>.
And <G2532> indeed on some <G3739><G3303> show compassion <G1653>, scrutinizing <G1252>!
And some <G3739><G1161> with <G1722> fear <G5401>, deliver <G4982> from <G1537> the <G3588> fire <G4442> by seizing <G726>! Detesting <G3404> even <G2532> the <G3588> by <G575> the <G3588> flesh <G4561> being stained <G4696> inner garment <G5509>.
But to him the <G3588><G1161> being able <G1410> to keep <G5442> them <G1473> steady <G679>, and <G2532> to stand [them <G2476> in front <G2714> of the <G3588> glory <G1391> of him <G1473> unblemished <G299> in <G1722> jumping much <G20>,
to only <G3441> wise <G4680> God '<G2316>, deliverer <G4990> of us <G1473>, [be] glory <G1391> and <G2532> greatness <G3172>, might <G2904> and <G2532> authority <G1849>, even <G2532> now <G3568> and <G2532> into <G1519> all <G3956> the <G3588> ages (terms) `<G165>. Amen <G281>.