Exodus Chapter 1 -

These <G3778> [are] the <G3588> names <G3686> of the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Israel of the [ones] <G3588> entering <G1531> into <G1519> Egypt together with <G260> Jacob the <G3588>ir father <G3962><G1473>; each <G1538> of them sojourning <G3940><G1473> entered <G1525>.
Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,
Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin,
Dan, and <G2532> Naphtali, Gad, and <G2532> Asher.
But Joseph <G1161> was <G1510.7.3> in <G1722> Egypt. And were <G1510.7.6><G1161> all <G3956> souls <G5590> coming forth <G1831> from <G1537> Jacob -- five <G4002> and <G2532> seventy <G1440>.
came to an end <G5053> And <G1161> Joseph], and <G2532> all <G3956> the <G3588> brothers <G80> of him <G1473>, and <G2532> all <G3956> the <G3588> that generation <G1074><G1565>.
And the <G3588><G1161> sons <G5207> of Israel grew <G837> and <G2532> multiplied <G4129>, and <G2532> extensive <G5559.1> became <G1096>, and <G2532> grew strong <G2729> exceedingly <G4970>, exceedingly <G4970>. multiplied <G4129> And <G1161> the <G3588> land '<G1093> of them <G1473>.
rose up <G450> And <G1161> king <G935> another <G2087> over <G1909> Egypt who <G3739> did not <G3756> know <G1492> the <G3588> Joseph.
And he said <G2036><G1161> [to the <G3588> his tradition-people (ethnic) '<G1484><G1473>, look <G2400>, the <G3588> race <G1085> of the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Israel [are a] great <G3173> multitude <G4128>, and <G2532> they are strong <G2480> above <G5228> us <G1473>.
Come <G1205> then <G3767> we should deal subtly <G2686> with them <G1473>, lest at any time <G3379> they should multiply <G4129>, and <G2532> whenever <G2259><G302> to us <G1473> may come to pass <G4819> a war <G4171>, will add <G4369> these also <G2532><G3778> to <G4314> the <G3588> opponents <G5227>, and <G2532> waging war against <G1606.2> us <G1473> they will go forth <G1831> from <G1537> the <G3588> land '<G1093>.
And <G2532> he set <G2186> to them <G1473> supervisors <G1988> over <G1909> the <G3588> works <G2041>, that <G2443> they might afflict <G2559> them <G1473> in <G1722> their the <G3588> works <G2041>. And <G2532> they built <G3618> cities <G4172> fortified <G3793.1> [to the <G3588> Pharaoh -the <G3588><G5037> Pithom and <G2532> Raamses, and <G2532> On which <G3739> is <G1510.2.3> Heliopolis.
And in so far as <G2530><G1161> they humbled them <G1473><G5013> by so much <G5118>, many [more <G4183> they became <G1096>. And <G2532> they were strong <G2480> exceedingly <G4970>, exceedingly <G4970>. And <G2532> were abhorred <G948> the <G3588> Egyptians] off <G575> the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Israel.
And <G2532> tyrannized <G2616> the <G3588> Egyptians] the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Israel [by] force <G970>.
And <G2532> they grievously afflicted <G2736.1> them <G1473> [by] the <G3588> life <G2222> in <G1722> the <G3588> works <G2041> the <G3588> hard <G4642> in the <G3588> mortar <G4081>, and <G2532> in the <G3588> making of bricks <G4141.1>, and <G2532> in all <G3956> the <G3588> works <G2041> the <G3588> in <G1722> the <G3588> plains <G3977.1>, according to <G2596> all <G3956> the <G3588> works <G2041> which <G3739> they were reducing them to slavery <G2615><G1473> with <G3326> force <G970>.
And <G2532> said <G2036> the <G3588> king <G935> of the <G3588> Egyptians] to the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1> of the <G3588> Hebrews, to a certain the [one] <G3588> <G1520> of them <G1473> [with] the <G3588> name <G3686> Shiphrah, and <G2532> the <G3588> name <G3686> of the <G3588> second <G1208> Puah.
And <G2532> he said <G2036> to them <G1473>, Whenever <G3752> you act as midwife <G3105.1> to the <G3588> Hebrews, and <G2532> they should be <G1510.3> about <G4314> the <G3588> to bear <G5088>, if <G1437> then <G3303> it should be a male <G730><G1510.3>, you kill <G615> it <G1473>! But if <G1437><G1161> a female <G2338>, preserve <G4046> it <G1473>!
feared <G5399> But <G1161> the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1> the <G3588> God '<G2316>, and <G2532> they did not <G3756> do <G4160> in so far as <G2530> ordered <G4929> them <G1473> the <G3588> king <G935> of Egypt]. And <G2532> they brought forth alive <G2225> the <G3588> males <G730>.
called <G2564> And <G1161> the <G3588> king <G935> of Egypt] the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1>, and <G2532> said <G2036> to them <G1473>, Why <G5100> [is it] that <G3754> you did <G4160> the <G3588> this thing <G4229><G3778>, and <G2532> brought forth alive <G2225> the <G3588> males <G730>?
said <G2036> And <G1161> the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1> the <G3588> to Pharaoh, Not <G3756> as <G5613> women <G1135> of Egypt [are] the <G3588> Hebrews, for they give birth <G5088><G1063> before <G4250><G2228> entered <G1525> to <G4314> them <G1473> the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1>, and <G2532> they bear <G5088>.
good <G2095> And <G1161> God did <G4160> the <G3588><G2316> to the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1>. And <G2532> he multiplied <G4129> the <G3588> people <G2992>, and <G2532> it became strong <G2480> exceedingly <G4970>.
Since <G1894> feared <G5399> the <G3588> midwives <G3103.1> the <G3588> God '<G2316>, they made <G4160> to themselves <G1438> families <G3614>.
gave orders <G4929> And <G1161> Pharaoh] to all <G3956> the <G3588> his people <G2992><G1473>, saying <G3004>, Every <G3956> male <G730> who <G3739> ever <G302> should be born <G5088> to the <G3588> Hebrews into <G1519> the <G3588> river <G4215> toss <G4495>, and <G2532> every <G3956> female <G2338> bring it forth alive <G2225><G1473>!