Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 -

To the <G3588> all <G3956> the <G3588> time <G5550> and <G2532> season <G2540>, [to the <G3588> every <G3956> thing <G4229> under <G5259> the <G3588> raised-place-above (sky) '<G3772>.
A season <G2540> the <G3588> to give birth <G5088>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to die <G599>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to plant <G5452>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to pluck out <G1620.2> the [thing] <G3588> being planted <G5452>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to kill <G615>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to heal <G2390>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to demolish <G2507>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to build <G3618>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to weep <G2799>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to laugh <G1070>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to lament <G2875>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to dance <G3738>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to throw <G906> stones <G3037>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to gather <G4863> stones <G3037>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to embrace <G4033.2>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to be far <G3118.2> from <G575> embrace <G4035.1>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to seek <G2212>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to lose <G622>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to keep <G5442>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to cast out <G1544>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to tear <G4486>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to sew <G4475.2>; a season <G2540> the <G3588> to be quiet <G4601>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to speak <G2980>;
a season <G2540> the <G3588> to be fond of <G5368>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> the <G3588> to detest <G3404>; a season <G2540> of war <G4171>, and <G2532> a season <G2540> of peace <G1515>.
What <G5100> advantage <G4050> of the [one] <G3588> doing [things] <G4160> in <G1722> which <G3739> he <G1473> makes an effort <G3449.1>?
I saw <G1492> with <G4862> the <G3588> distraction <G4048.4> which <G3739> God gave <G1325> the <G3588><G2316> to the <G3588> sons <G5207> of the <G3588> men <G444> the <G3588> to be distracting <G4049> to <G1722> him <G1473>.
All <G4840.2> which <G3739> he made <G4160> [is] good <G2570> in <G1722> his season <G2540><G1473>; and <G2532> indeed <G1065> with <G4862> the <G3588> age (term) `<G165> he gave <G1325> in <G1722> their heart <G2588><G1473>, so that <G3704> should not <G3361> find <G2147> the <G3588> man <G444> the <G3588> action <G4161> which <G3739> God did <G4160> the <G3588><G2316> from <G575> beginning <G746> till <G3360> end <G5056>.
I knew <G1097> that <G3754> there not <G3756> is <G1510.2.3> good <G18> in <G1722> them <G1473>, except <G1508> the <G3588> to be glad <G2165> and <G2532> the <G3588> to do <G4160> good <G18> in <G1722> his life <G2222><G1473>.
And <G2532> indeed <G1065>, every <G3956> the <G3588> man <G444> who <G3739> will eat <G2068> and <G2532> will drink <G4095> and <G2532> should look [at] <G1492> good <G18> in <G1722> all <G3956> his effort <G3449><G1473> -- a gift <G1390> of God '<G2316> it is <G1510.2.3>.
I knew <G1097> that <G3754> all [things] <G3956> as many as <G3745> God did <G4160> the <G3588><G2316>, they <G1473> will be <G1510.8.3> into <G1519> the <G3588> age (term) `<G165>. Unto <G1909> them <G1473> it not <G3756> is <G1510.2.3> to add <G4369>, and <G2532> from <G575> them <G1473> it not <G3756> is <G1510.2.3> to remove <G851>. And <G2532> the <G3588> God '<G2316> did <G4160> that <G2443> they should fear <G5399> from <G575> in front <G4383> of him <G1473>.
the [thing] <G3588> becoming <G1096>, already <G2235> is <G1510.2.3>; and <G2532> as much as <G3745> the <G3588>re is to be <G1096>, already <G2235> has become <G1096>; and <G2532> the <G3588> God '<G2316> will seek <G2212> the [thing] <G3588> pursuing <G1377>.
And <G2532> still <G2089> I looked [at] <G1492> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246> place <G5117> of of the <G3588> judgment <G2920> -- there <G1563> the <G3588> impious [one <G765>; and <G2532> a place <G5117> of the <G3588> just <G1342> -- there [was <G1563> the <G3588> pious [one <G2152>.
I said <G2036><G1473> in <G1722> my heart <G2588><G1473>, With <G4862> the <G3588> just <G1342> and <G2532> with <G4862> the <G3588> impious <G765>, God will judge <G2919> the <G3588><G2316>, for <G3754> [there is] a season <G2540> for the <G3588> every <G3956> thing <G4229>, and <G2532> for <G1909> every <G3956> the <G3588> action <G4161> there <G1563>.
I said <G2036><G1473> in <G1722> my heart <G2588><G1473>, concerning <G4012> speech <G2981> of the <G3588> sons <G5207> of the <G3588> man <G444>, that <G3754> will examine <G1252> them <G1473> the <G3588> God '<G2316>, and <G2532> the <G3588> to show <G1166> that <G3754> they <G1473> are beasts <G2934><G1510.2.6>.
And <G2532> indeed <G1065> to them <G1473> event <G4876.2> of sons <G5207> of the <G3588> man <G444>, and <G2532> event <G4876.2> of the <G3588> beast <G2934> [is] event <G4876.2> one <G1520> to them <G1473>; as <G5613> the <G3588> death <G2288> of this [one <G3778>, so <G3779> also <G2532> the <G3588> death <G2288> of this [other one <G3778>; and <G2532> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> one <G1520> the <G3588> to all <G3956>. And <G2532> what <G5100> abounded <G4052> the <G3588> man <G444> more than <G3844> the <G3588> cattle <G2934>? Nothing <G3762>. For <G3754> all [things] the <G3588><G3956> [are] folly <G3153>.
All [things] the <G3588><G3956> go <G4198> to <G1519> place <G5117> one <G1520>; all [things] the <G3588><G3956> came <G1096> from <G575> the <G3588> dirt <G5522>, and <G2532> all [things] the <G3588><G3956> return <G1994> to <G1519> the <G3588> dirt <G5522>.
And <G2532> who <G5100> has known <G1492> the <G3588> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> of sons <G5207> of the <G3588> man <G444>, if <G1487> it ascends <G305> itself <G1473> upward <G507>? and <G2532> the <G3588> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> of the <G3588> beast <G2934>, if <G1487> it goes down <G2597> itself <G1473> below <G2736> into <G1519> the <G3588> land '<G1093>?
And <G2532> I saw <G1492> that <G3754> there is no <G3756><G1510.2.3> good <G18>, except <G1508> where <G3739> will be glad <G2165> man <G444> in <G1722> his actions <G4161><G1473>; for <G3754> it [is <G1473> his portion <G3310><G1473>. For <G3754> who <G5100> will convey '<G71> him <G1473> the <G3588> to see <G1492> in <G1722> what <G3739> ever <G302> should take place <G1096> after <G3326> him <G1473>?