Ecclesiastes Chapter 2 -

I said <G2036><G1473> in <G1722> my heart <G2588><G1473>, Come now <G1204> indeed <G1211>, I will test <G3985> you <G1473> with <G1722> gladness <G2167>, and [therefore <G2532> know <G1492><G1722> good <G18>! And <G2532> look <G2400>, also <G2532> even <G1065> this <G3778> [is] folly <G3153>.
To the <G3588> laughter <G1071>, I said <G2036>, Deviation <G4064.1>. and <G2532> to the <G3588> gladness <G2167>, Why <G5100> do you do this <G3778><G4160>?
And <G2532> I surveyed <G2679.2> if <G1487> the <G3588> my heart <G2588><G1473> would draw <G1670> [with <G5613> wine <G3631> the <G3588> my flesh <G4561><G1473>; and <G2532> my heart <G2588><G1473> guided <G3594> me <G1473> in <G1722> wisdom <G4678>; and <G2532> the <G3588> to hold <G2902> upon <G1909> gladness <G2167> until <G2193><G3739> I should see <G1492> what kind [was <G4169> the <G3588> good <G18> to the <G3588> sons <G5207> of the <G3588> men <G444>, which <G3739> they will do <G4160> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246> numbered <G706> days <G2250> of life <G2222> [with] their <G1473>.
I magnified <G3170> my action <G4161><G1473>; I built <G3618> to myself <G1473> houses <G3624>; I planted <G5452> my <G1473> vineyards <G290>.
I made <G4160> to myself <G1473> gardens <G2779> and <G2532> parks <G3857>; and <G2532> I planted <G5452> in <G1722> them <G1473> a tree <G3586> for every <G3956> fruit <G2590>.
I made <G4160> to myself <G1473> pools <G2861> of waters <G5204> the <G3588> to water <G4222> by <G1909> them <G1473> grove <G1409.1> bursting forth <G985> rees <G3586>.
I acquired <G2932> manservants <G1401>, and <G2532> maidservants <G3814>; and <G2532> native-born servants <G3615.3> were born <G1096> to me <G1473>; and <G2532> indeed <G1065> a possession <G2934.3> herd <G1009.3> and <G2532> flock <G4168> of a great <G4183> became <G1096> to me <G1473> above <G5228> all <G3956> the [ones] <G3588> being <G1096> before <G1715> me <G1473> in <G1722> Jerusalem.
I brought together <G4863> to myself <G1473> also <G2532> indeed <G1065> silver <G694>, and <G2532> indeed <G1065> gold <G5553>, and <G2532> prized possessions <G4040.2> of kings <G935> and <G2532> of the <G3588> places <G5561>. I prepared <G4160> to myself <G1473> [male] singers <G103> and <G2532> [female] singers <G103>, and <G2532> amusements <G1792.1> of sons <G5207> of the <G3588> man <G444>; [and] male wine servers <G3632.2> and <G2532> female wine servers <G3632.1>.
And <G2532> I became magnified <G3170>, and <G2532> proceeded <G4369> in wisdom <G4678> past <G3844> all <G3956> the [ones] <G3588> being <G1096> before <G1715> me <G1473> in <G1722> Jerusalem; and <G2532> indeed <G1065> my wisdom <G4678><G1473> was established <G2476> to me <G1473>.
And <G2532> all <G3956> whatever <G3739> asked for <G154> the <G3588> my eyes <G3788><G1473> was not <G3756> at a distance <G5306.2> from <G575> them <G1473>. I did not <G3756> detain <G617.1> the <G3588> my heart <G2588><G1473> from <G575> any <G3956> gladness <G2167>, for <G3754> my heart <G2588><G1473> was gladdened <G2165> in <G1722> all <G3956> my effort <G3449><G1473>. And <G2532> this <G3778> was <G1096> my portion <G3310><G1473> off <G575> all <G3956> my effort <G3449><G1473>.
And <G2532> I looked <G1914><G1473> upon <G1722> all <G3956> my actions <G4161><G1473>, the things which <G3739> I did <G4160> the <G3588> by my hands <G5495><G1473>, and <G2532> on <G1722> effort <G3449> in which <G3739> I made an effort <G3449.1> the <G3588> to do <G4160>. And <G2532> look <G2400>, the <G3588> all [things] <G3956> [were] folly <G3153> and <G2532> a resolve <G4254.1> of blowing air (ghost) '<G4151>, and <G2532> there is no <G3756><G1510.2.3> advantage <G4050> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>.
And <G2532> I looked around <G1914><G1473> the <G3588> to look [at] <G1492> wisdom <G4678> and <G2532> deviation <G4064.1> and <G2532> folly <G877>; for <G3754> who <G5100> [is the] man <G444> who <G3739> will come <G1904> after <G3694> the <G3588> counsel <G1012>, with <G4862> the <G3588> as much as <G3745> they did <G4160> it <G1473>?
And <G2532> I looked [at] <G1492><G1473> that <G3754> there is <G1510.2.3> an advantage <G4050> [to the <G3588> wisdom <G4678> over <G5228> the <G3588> folly <G877>; as <G5613> advantage <G4050> of the <G3588> light <G5457> over <G5228> the <G3588> darkness <G4655>.
The <G3588> wise man <G4680> the <G3588> his eyes <G3788><G1473> [are] in <G1722> his head <G2776><G1473>; but <G2532> the <G3588> fool <G878> in <G1722> darkness <G4655> goes <G4198>. And <G2532> I knew <G1097>, even <G2532> indeed <G1065> I <G1473>, that <G3754> event <G4876.2> one <G1520> will meet with <G4876> the <G3588> all <G3956> them <G1473>.
And <G2532> I said <G2036><G1473> in <G1722> my heart <G2588><G1473>, As <G5613> event <G4876.2> of the <G3588> fool [is <G878>, even <G2532> indeed <G1065> to me <G1473> it will meet up with <G4876> me <G1473>; and <G2532> why <G2444> have I discerned wisdom <G4679><G1473>? [And this] extra the <G3588><G4053> I said <G2980> in <G1722> my heart <G2588><G1473>, because <G1360> fool <G878> from out of <G1537> abundance <G4051> speaks <G2980>, for <G3754> even <G2532> indeed <G1065> this <G3778> [is] folly <G3153>.
For <G3754> there is no <G3756><G1510.2.3> remembrance <G3420> of the <G3588> wise man <G4680> with <G3326> the <G3588> fool <G878> in <G1519> the <G3588> age (term) `<G165>; in so far as <G2530> already <G2235> the <G3588> days <G2250> the <G3588> coming <G2064> the <G3588> all [things] <G3956> are forgotten <G1950>; and <G2532> how <G4459> will die <G599> the <G3588> wise [man <G4680> with <G3326> the <G3588> fool <G878>?
And <G2532> I was detested <G3404> with <G4862> the <G3588> life <G2222>; for <G3754> evil <G4190> [was] upon <G1909> me <G1473> -- the <G3588> action <G4161> of the <G3588> doing [a thing <G4160> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>. For <G3754> all <G3956> [is] folly <G3153> and <G2532> a resolve <G4254.1> of blowing air (ghost) '<G4151>.
And <G2532> I detested <G3404><G1473> all <G4840.2> my effort <G3449><G1473> which <G3739> I <G1473> made an effort <G3449.1> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>. For <G3754> I must leave <G863> it <G1473> to the <G3588> man <G444> the <G3588> coming <G1096> after <G3326> me <G1473>.
And <G2532> who <G5100> knows <G1492> if <G1487> he will be a wise man <G4680><G1510.8.3> or <G2228> a fool <G878>? And <G2532> if <G1487> he exercises authority <G1850> in <G1722> all <G3956> my effort <G3449><G1473> in which <G3739> I made an effort in <G3449.1>, and <G2532> in which <G3739> I gained discernment <G4679> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>. Even <G2532> indeed <G1065> this <G3778> [is] folly <G3153>.
And <G2532> I turned <G1994><G1473> the <G3588> to dismiss <G657> the <G3588> my heart <G2588><G1473> upon <G1909> all <G3956> effort <G3449> in which <G3739> I made an effort <G3449.1> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>.
For <G3754> there is <G1510.2.3> a man <G444> that <G3754> [made] his effort <G3449><G1473> in <G1722> wisdom <G4678>, and <G2532> in <G1722> knowledge <G1108>, and <G2532> in <G1722> courage <G406.1>; and <G2532> a man <G444> in whom <G3739> did not <G3756> make an effort <G3449.1> -- in <G1722> him <G1473> he will give <G1325> to him <G1473> his portion <G3310><G1473>. And <G2532> indeed <G1065> this [is <G3778> folly <G3153> and <G2532> wickedness <G4189> great <G3173]
[What] happens <G1096> to the <G3588> man <G444> in <G1722> all <G3956> his effort <G3449><G1473>, and <G2532> in <G1722> resolve <G4254.1> of his heart <G2588><G1473> in which <G3739> he <G1473> makes an effort <G3449.1> under <G5259> the <G3588> sun <G2246>?
For <G3754> in all <G3956> the <G3588> his days <G2250><G1473> [are] pains <G217.3> and <G2532> rage <G2372> of his distraction <G4048.4><G1473>; and indeed <G2532><G1065> in <G1722> night <G3571> does not <G3756> go to bed <G2837> the <G3588> heart <G2588> of him '<G1473>. And <G2532> indeed <G1065> this <G3778> is folly <G3153><G1510.2.3>.
There not <G3756> is <G1510.2.3> a good [thing] <G18> to man <G444> unless <G1508><G3739> to eat <G2068> and <G2532><G3739> to drink <G4095>, and <G2532><G3739> to show <G1166> the <G3588> his soul <G5590><G1473> good <G18> in <G1722> his effort <G3449><G1473>. And <G2532> indeed <G1065> this <G3778> I knew <G1492><G1473>, that <G3754> from <G575> hand <G5495> of the <G3588> God '<G2316> it is <G1510.2.3>.
For <G3754> who <G5100> will eat <G2068>, and <G2532> who <G5100> will drink <G4095> besides <G3926.1> him <G1473>?
For <G3754> to the <G3588> man <G444>, to the [one] <G3588> good <G18> before <G4253> his face <G4383><G1473>, he gave <G1325> wisdom <G4678>, and <G2532> knowledge <G1108>, and <G2532> gladness <G2167>. And <G2532> to the [one] <G3588> sinning <G264>, he gave <G1325> distraction <G4048.4> the <G3588> to be added <G4369> and <G2532> the <G3588> to bring together <G4863>; [so as the <G3588> to give <G1325> to the <G3588> good [man <G18> before <G4253> face <G4383> of the <G3588> God '<G2316>. For <G3754> even <G2532> indeed <G1065> this <G3778> [is] folly <G3153> and <G2532> resolve <G4254.1> of blowing air (ghost) '<G4151>.