Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 -

And <G2532> remember <G3403> the [one] <G3588> creating <G2936> you <G1473> in <G1722> days <G2250> of your youth <G3503><G1473>! while <G2193><G3748> should not <G3361> come <G2064> the <G3588> days <G2250> of the <G3588> evil <G2549>, [nor <G2532> should arrive <G5348> years <G2094>, in <G1722> which <G3739> you will [then] say <G2046>, There not <G3756> is <G1510.2.3> in me <G1473> for <G1722> them <G1473> a want <G2307>.
While <G2193><G3739> are not darkened <G3361><G4654> the <G3588> sun <G2246> and <G2532> the <G3588> light <G5457>, nor <G2532> the <G3588> moon <G4582> and <G2532> the <G3588> stars <G792>; [nor <G2532> return <G1994> the <G3588> clouds <G3509> after <G3694> the <G3588> rain <G5205>;
in <G1722> a day <G2250> in which <G3739> ever <G302> should be shaken <G4531> keepers <G5441> of the <G3588> house <G3614>, and <G2532> should be turned aside <G1294> men <G435> of the <G3588> power <G1411>, and <G2532> [are] idle <G691> the <G3588> grinding [women <G229> because <G3754> they are made few <G3642.1>, and <G2532> will darken <G4651.1> the <G3588> [women] looking <G991> out of <G1722> the <G3588> openings <G3692>;
and <G2532> they will lock <G2808> doors <G2374> in <G1722> market <G58> in <G1722> weakness <G769> of sound <G5456> of the <G3588> [woman] grinding <G229>, and <G2532> one will rise up <G450> to <G1519> sound <G5456> of the <G3588> sparrow <G4765>, and <G2532> will be humbled <G5013> all <G3956> the <G3588> daughters <G2364> of the <G3588> song <G779.1>;
and <G2532> indeed <G1065> from <G575> height <G5311> they will see <G3708>, even <G2532> stupefactions <G2285> in <G1722> the <G3588> way <G3598>; and <G2532> will bloom <G435.2> the <G3588> almond <G291.1>, and <G2532> will thicken <G3975> the <G3588> locust <G200>, and <G2532> will be dispersed <G1286.1> the <G3588> caper <G2587.1>; because <G3754> went <G4198> the <G3588> man <G444> to <G1519> house <G3624> his age (term) `<G165><G1473>; and <G2532> circled <G2944> in <G1722> market <G58> the [ones] <G3588> beating their chests in mourning <G2875>;
until <G2193> whenever <G3748> should be <G3361> prostrated <G396> the <G3588> line <G4979> of the <G3588> silver <G694>; and <G2532> should be broken <G4937> the <G3588> flower ornament <G435.1> of the <G3588> gold <G5553>, and <G2532> should be broken <G4937> the <G3588> water-pitcher <G5201> at <G1909> the <G3588> spring <G4077>, and <G2532> should have rolled <G4939.1> the <G3588> wheel <G5164> unto <G1909> the <G3588> pit <G2978.1>;
then <G2532> will return <G1994> the <G3588> dirt <G5522> upon <G1909> the <G3588> land '<G1093> as <G5613> it was <G1510.7.3>; and <G2532> the <G3588> blowing air (ghost) '<G4151> should return <G1994> to <G4314> the <G3588> God '<G2316> who <G3739> gave <G1325> it <G1473>.
Folly <G3153> of follies <G3153>, said <G2036> the <G3588> ecclesiastic <G1577.2>, the <G3588> all [things] <G3956> [are] folly <G3153>.
And <G2532> [it was] extra <G4053> that <G3754> became <G1096> ecclesiastic <G1577.2> wise <G4680>, and <G2532> he taught <G1321> knowledge <G1108> with <G4862> the <G3588> man <G444>, and <G2532> which <G3779> he will trace <G1840.1> composed <G2887> paralells '<G3850>.
much <G4183> sought <G2212> ecclesiastic <G1577.2> the <G3588> to find <G2147> of words <G3056> a wanting <G2307>, and <G2532> writing <G1125> of uprightness <G2118> of words <G3056> of truth <G225>.
words <G3056> of wise <G4680> [are] as <G5613> the <G3588> oxgoads <G1009.2>, and <G2532> as <G5613> nails <G2247> [firmly] planted <G5452>; ones which <G3739> by <G3844> the <G3588> agreement <G4916.2> were given <G1325> from <G1537> shepherd <G4166> one <G1520>.
And <G2532> extra <G4053> by <G1537> them <G1473> O my son <G5207><G1473> guard <G5442>! the <G3588> To make <G4160> scrolls <G975> many <G4183> there is no <G3756><G1510.2.3> limit <G4009.1>; and <G2532> meditation <G3191.1> much <G4183> [is] weariness <G2875.1> of flesh <G4561>.
end <G5056> of the whole word '<G3056> the <G3588><G3956>, hear <G191>! the <G3588> Fear God '<G2316><G5399>, and <G2532> the <G3588> his commandments <G1785><G1473> keep <G5442>! for <G3754> this <G3778> [is] all <G3956> man <G444>!
For <G3754> every <G4840.2> the <G3588> action <G4161> the <G3588> God '<G2316> will convey '<G71> into <G1722> judgment <G2920>, with <G1722> all <G3956> being looked over <G3948.1>, if <G1437> good <G18> and <G2532> if <G1437> evil <G4190>.