2 Samuel Chapter 8 -

And <G2532> it came to pass <G1096> after <G3326> these [things] <G3778>, David struck <G3960> the <G3588> Philistines <G246>, and <G2532> put them to flight <G5159.1><G1473>. And <G2532> David took <G2983> the <G3588> [things] being separated <G873> from out of <G1537> hand <G5495> of the <G3588> Philistines <G246>.
And <G2532> David struck <G3960> the <G3588> Moab, and <G2532> he measured <G1267.1> them [out <G1473> in <G1722> measuring lines <G4979>, resting <G2838.1> them <G1473> upon <G1909> the <G3588> land '<G1093>; and <G2532> there were <G1096> the <G3588> two <G1417> measured out lines <G4979.1> the <G3588> to kill <G2289>, and <G2532> the <G3588> fullness <G4138> of the <G3588> third <G5154> measured out line <G4979.1> he took alive <G2221>. And <G2532> Moab became <G1096> the <G3588> to David for <G1519> servants <G1401> bearing <G5342> tribute <G3579.1>.
And <G2532> David struck <G3960> the <G3588> Hadadezer, son <G5207> of Rehob, king <G935> of Zobah, in his going <G4198><G1473> to set <G2186> the <G3588> his hand <G5495><G1473> against <G1909> the <G3588> Euphrates river <G4215>.
And <G2532> David first took <G4293.1> of the <G3588> his [things] <G1473> a thousand <G5507> chariots <G716>, and <G2532> seven <G2033> thousand <G5505> horsemen <G2460>, and <G2532> twenty <G1501> thousand <G5505> men <G435> -- footmen <G3979.1>. And <G2532> David disabled <G3886> all <G3956> the <G3588> chariots <G716>, and <G2532> he left behind <G5275> for himself <G1438> of <G1537> them <G1473> a hundred <G1540> chariots <G716>.
And <G2532> comes <G3854> the <G3588> Syria of Damascus] to help <G997> the <G3588> Hadadezer king <G935> of Zobah. And <G2532> David struck <G3960> among <G1722> the <G3588> Syrians twenty <G1501> and <G2532> two <G1417> thousand <G5505> men <G435>.
And <G2532> David put <G5087> a detachment <G5431.2> in <G1722> Syria the <G3588> near <G2596> Damascus. And <G2532> became <G1096> the <G3588> Syrians] [to the <G3588> David for <G1519> servants <G1401> bearing <G5342> tribute <G3579.1>. And <G2532> BOSS delivered <G4982><G2962> the <G3588> David wheresoever <G1722><G3956><G3739> he went <G4198>.
And <G2532> David took <G2983> the <G3588> armlets <G5513.1> of the <G3588> gold <G5552>, the [ones] <G3588> [that] were <G1510.7.6> upon <G1909> the <G3588> children <G3816> of the <G3588> Hadadezer king <G935> of Zobah, and <G2532> he brought <G5342> them <G1473> unto <G1519> Jerusalem.
And <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> Betah, and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> chosen <G1588> cities <G4172> of the <G3588> Hadadezer, took <G2983> the <G3588> king <G935> David brass <G5475> much <G4183> exceedingly <G4970>.
And <G2532> heard <G191> Toi the <G3588> king <G935> of Hamath] that <G3754> David struck <G3960> all <G3956> for the <G3588>ce <G1411> of Hadadezer.
And <G2532> Toi sent <G649> Joram the <G3588> son <G5207> of him <G1473> to <G4314> king <G935> David to ask <G2065> him <G1473> the [things] <G3588> for <G1519> peace <G1515>, and <G2532> congratulated <G2127> him <G1473> over <G5228> which <G3739> he waged war <G4170> the <G3588> with Hadadezer, and <G2532> struck <G3960> him <G1473>, for <G3754> he was an adversary <G480><G1510.7.3> of the <G3588> Hadadezer. And <G2532> in <G1722> the <G3588> his hands <G5495><G1473> were <G1510.7.6> items <G4632> of silver <G693>, and <G2532> items <G4632> of gold <G5552>, and <G2532> items <G4632> of brass <G5470>.
And <G2532> these [things] <G3778> sanctified <G37> the <G3588> king <G935> David] to the <G3588> Boss '<G2962>, with <G3326> the <G3588> silver <G694>, and <G2532> the <G3588> gold <G5553> of which <G3739> he sanctified <G37> from <G1537> all <G3956> of the <G3588> cities <G4172> which <G3739> he overpowered <G2616>;
and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> Edom, and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> Moab, and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Ammon, and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> Philistines <G246>, and <G2532> from <G1537> Amalek, and <G2532> from <G1537> the <G3588> spoils <G4661> of Hadadezer, son <G5207> of Rehob, king <G935> of Zobah.
And <G2532> David made <G4160> a name [for himself <G3686>. And <G2532> in <G1722> the <G3588> his returning <G344><G1473> he struck <G3960> the <G3588> Idumea in <G1722> Gebelem to <G1519> eighteen <G3638.1> thousand <G5505>.
And <G2532> he put <G5087> in <G1722> the <G3588> Edom detachments <G5431.2>; in <G1722> all <G3956> the <G3588> Edom he stationed <G5087> ones setting up monuments <G4739.3>, and <G2532> became <G1096> all <G3956> the [ones] <G3588> in <G1722> the <G3588> Edom] servants <G1401> to the <G3588> David. And <G2532> BOSS preserved <G4982><G2962> the <G3588> David wheresoever <G1722><G3956><G3739> he went <G4198>.
And <G2532> David reigned <G936> over <G1909> all <G3956> Israel. And <G2532> David was <G1510.7.3> executing <G4160> equity <G2917> and <G2532> righteousness <G1343> over <G1909> all <G3956> the <G3588> his people <G2992><G1473>.
And <G2532> Joab son <G5207> of Zeruiah [was] over <G1909> the <G3588> military <G4756>. And <G2532> Jehoshaphat son <G5207> of Ahilud [was] over <G1909> the [ones] <G3588> recording <G5279.1>.
And <G2532> Zadok son <G5207> of Ahitub and <G2532> Ahimelech son <G5207> of Abiathar [were] priests <G2409>. And <G2532> Seriah [was] the <G3588> scholar (scribe) '<G1122> (sofer <H5613>),
and <G2532> Benaiah son <G5207> of Jehoiada [was] counselor <G4825>. And <G2532> the <G3588> Cherethite and <G2532> the <G3588> Pelethite, and <G2532> the <G3588> sons <G5207> of David were chiefs of the palace <G831.5><G1510.7.6>.