2 Samuel Chapter 2 -

And <G2532> it came to pass <G1096> after <G3326> these [things] <G3778>, and <G2532> David asked <G1905> by <G1722> Boss '<G2962>, saying <G3004>, will <G1487> I go up <G305> unto <G1519> one <G1520> of the <G3588> cities <G4172> of the <G3588> Judah? And <G2532> BOSS said <G2036><G2962> to <G4314> him <G1473>, go up <G305>! And <G2532> David said <G2036>, Where <G4226> should I go up <G305>? And <G2532> he said <G2036>, Unto <G1519> Hebron.
And <G2532> went up <G305> there <G1563> David], and <G2532> both <G297> the <G3588> his wives <G1135><G1473> -- Ahinoam the <G3588> Jezreelitess, and <G2532> Abigail the <G3588> wife <G1135> of Nabal the <G3588> Carmelite.
And <G2532> the <G3588> men <G435> the <G3588> [were] with <G3326> him <G1473>, each one <G1538> and <G2532> the <G3588> his house <G3624><G1473>. And <G2532> they dwelt <G2730> among <G1722> the <G3588> cities <G4172> of Hebron.
And <G2532> come <G2064> the <G3588> men <G435> of the <G3588> Judea] and <G2532> anoint <G5548> the <G3588> David there <G1563> the <G3588> to reign <G936> over <G1909> the <G3588> house <G3624> of Judah. And <G2532> they reported <G518> the <G3588> to David, saying <G3004>, the <G3588> men <G435> of Jabish of the <G3588> Gileadites entombed <G2290> the <G3588> Saul.
And <G2532> David sent <G649> word-conveyers (messengers) '<G32> to <G4314> the <G3588> leaders <G2233> of Jabish of the <G3588> Gileadites, And <G2532> he said <G2036> to <G4314> them <G1473>, Being blessed <G2127> [are] you <G1473> to the <G3588> Boss '<G2962>, that <G3754> you performed <G4160> the <G3588> this compassion <G1656><G3778> for <G1909> the <G3588> your boss <G2962><G1473>, for <G1909> the <G3588> Saul, and <G2532> you entombed <G2290> him <G1473>.
And <G2532> now <G3568>, may BOSS perform <G4160><G2962> with <G3326> you <G1473> compassion <G1656> and <G2532> truth <G225>; and <G2532> indeed <G1065> I <G1473> will do <G4160> with <G3326> you <G1473> the <G3588> this good <G18><G3778> that <G3754> you did <G4160> the <G3588> [in] this matter <G4487><G3778>.
And <G2532> now <G3568> strengthen <G2901> the <G3588> your hands <G5495><G1473> and <G2532> become <G1096> as <G1519> sons <G5207> mighty <G1415>! for <G3754> has died <G2348> Saul the <G3588> your boss <G2962><G1473>, and <G2532> indeed <G1065> has anointed me <G1473><G5548> the <G3588> house <G3624> of Judah] over <G1909> them <G1438> for <G1519> king <G935>.
And <G2532> Abner son <G5207> of Ner, commander-in-chief <G751.2> of the <G3588> Saul, took <G2983> the <G3588> Ishbosheth son <G5207> of the <G3588> Saul, and <G2532> brought <G307> him <G1473> from out of <G1537> the <G3588> camp <G3925> into <G1519> Mahanaim,
and <G2532> gave him to reign <G936><G1473> over <G1909> the <G3588> Gilead, and <G2532> over <G1909> the <G3588> Ashurites, and <G2532> over <G1909> the <G3588> Jezreel, and <G2532> over <G1909> the <G3588> Ephraim, and <G2532> over <G1909> the <G3588> Benjamin, and <G2532> over <G1909> all <G3956> Israel.
was forty <G5062> years [old <G2094> Ishbosheth son <G5207> of Saul] when <G3753> he reigned <G936> over <G1909> Israel; and <G2532> two <G1417> years <G2094> he reigned <G936>; except for <G4133> the <G3588> house <G3624> of Judah, the ones which <G3739> were <G1510.7.6> [following] after <G3694> David.
And <G2532> became <G1096> number <G706> of the <G3588> days <G2250> which <G3739> David reigned <G936> in <G1722> Hebron over <G1909> the <G3588> house <G3624> of Judah -- seven <G2033> years <G2094> and <G2532> months <G3376> six <G1803>.
And <G2532> came forth <G1831> Abner son <G5207> of Ner], and <G2532> the <G3588> servants <G3816> of Ishbosheth son <G5207> of Saul, out of <G1537> Mahanaim unto <G1519> Gibeon.
And <G2532> Joab son <G5207> of Zeruiah, and <G2532> the <G3588> servants <G3816> of David, came forth <G1831> out of <G1537> Hebron, and <G2532> met <G4876> them <G1473> at <G1909> the <G3588> fountain <G2911.1> of the <G3588> Gibeon. And <G2532> these sat down <G2523><G3778> here [on this side <G1782>, and <G2532> these [others <G3778> at <G1909> the <G3588> fountain <G2911.1> here [on that side <G1782>.
And <G2532> Abner said <G2036> to <G4314> Joab, Raise up <G450> indeed <G1211> the <G3588> servant-lads <G3808> and <G2532> let them play <G3815> before <G1799> us <G1473>! And <G2532> Joab said <G2036>, Let them arise <G450>!
And <G2532> they rose up <G450> and <G2532> went by <G3928> in <G1722> number <G706> -- twelve <G1427> of the <G3588> servants <G3816> of Benjamin the <G3588> of Ishbosheth son <G5207> of Saul, and <G2532> twelve <G1427> of the <G3588> servants <G3816> of David.
And <G2532> they held <G2902> each <G1538> by [their the <G3588> hand <G5495> the <G3588> head <G2776> of the <G3588> his neighbor <G4139><G1473>; and <G2532> the <G3588> his knife <G3162><G1473> [was thrust] into <G1519> the <G3588> side <G4125> of the <G3588> his neighbor <G4139><G1473>; and <G2532> they fell down <G4098> together <G2596> the <G3588><G1473>. And <G2532> they called <G2564> the <G3588> that place <G5117><G1565>, Portion <G3310> of the <G3588> Plotters <G1917.1>, which <G3739> is <G1510.2.3> in <G1722> Gibeon.
And <G2532> was <G1096> the <G3588> battle <G4171> hard <G4642> so as to <G5620> an exceeding [degree <G3029> in <G1722> the <G3588> that day <G2250><G1565>. And <G2532> failed <G4417> Abner and <G2532> the <G3588> men <G435> of Israel] before <G1799> the <G3588> servants <G3816> of David.
And <G2532> there were <G1096> there <G1563> three <G5140> sons <G5207> of Zeruiah -- Joab and <G2532> Abishai and <G2532> Asahel. And <G2532> Asahel was light <G2893.1> of the <G3588> his feet <G4228><G1473>, as <G5616> one <G1520> doe <G1393> of the [ones] <G3588> in <G1722> field <G68>.
And <G2532> Asahel pursued <G2614> after <G3694> Abner, and <G2532> he did not <G3756> turn aside <G1578> the <G3588> to go <G4198> to <G1519> the <G3588> right <G1188> nor <G3761> to <G1519> the <G3588> left <G710> after <G2733.5> Abner.
And <G2532> Abner looked <G1914> to <G1519> the <G3588> his rear <G3694><G1473>, and <G2532> said <G2036>, Are you <G1473><G1510.2.2> Asahel himself <G1473><G1473>? And <G2532> he said <G2036>, I <G1473> am <G1510.2.1>.
And <G2532> said <G2036> to him <G1473> Abner], Turn aside <G1578><G1473> to <G1519> the <G3588> right <G1188> or <G2228> to <G1519> the <G3588> left <G710>, and <G2532> constrain <G2722> to yourself <G4572> one <G1520> of the <G3588> servant-lads <G3808>, and <G2532> take <G2983> to yourself <G4572> the <G3588> his full armor <G3833><G1473>! And <G2532> did not <G3756> want <G2309> Asahel] to turn aside <G1578> from <G1537> the <G3588> [being] behind <G3693> him <G1473>.
And <G2532> added <G4369> yet <G2089> Abner], saying <G3004> the <G3588> to Asahel, Leave <G868> from <G575> me <G1473>! that <G2443> I should not <G3361> strike <G3960> you <G1473> unto <G1519> the <G3588> land '<G1093>. For <G2532> how <G4459> will I lift <G142> the <G3588> my face <G4383><G1473> to <G4314> Joab the <G3588> your brother <G80><G1473>?
And <G2532> he was not willing <G3756><G1014> the <G3588> to leave <G868>. And <G2532> struck <G5180> him <G1473> Abner] with <G1722> the <G3588> rear <G3694> of the <G3588> spear <G1393.2> upon <G1909> [his the <G3588> flank <G5589.1>. And <G2532> went completely through <G1326.7> the <G3588> spear <G1393.2> out <G1537> the <G3588> behind <G3694> him <G1473>. And <G2532> he falls <G4098> there <G1563> and <G2532> dies <G599> underneath <G5270> him <G1473>. And <G2532> it came to pass <G1096> every one <G3956> the <G3588> coming <G2064> unto <G2193> the <G3588> place <G5117> where <G3739> fell <G4098> there <G1563> Asahel] and <G2532> died <G599>, even <G2532> stood [still <G5307.2>.
And <G2532> pursued <G2614> Joab and <G2532> Abishai] after <G3694> Abner, and <G2532> the <G3588> sun <G2246> went down <G1416>. And <G2532> they <G1473> entered <G1525> unto <G2193> the <G3588> hill <G1015> of Ammah, according to <G2596> face <G4383> of Giah, way <G3598> wilderness <G2048> of Gibeon.
And <G2532> gathered together <G4867> the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Benjamin], the [ones] <G3588> [following] after <G3694> Abner, and <G2532> they came <G1096> to <G1519> meet <G4877> as one <G1520>, and <G2532> they stood <G2476> upon <G1909> head <G2776> hill <G1015> of one <G1520>.
And <G2532> Abner called <G2564> the <G3588> Joab, and <G2532> he said <G2036>, will <G3361> in <G1519> victory <G3534> devour <G2719> the <G3588> broadsword <G4501>, or <G2228> do you not <G3756> know <G1492> that <G3754> it will be bitter <G4089><G1510.8.3> at <G1519> the <G3588> last <G2078>? And <G2532> for how long <G2193><G4219> in no way <G3766.2> will you] speak <G2036> to the <G3588> people <G2992> to return <G654> from <G575> [following] after <G3693> the <G3588>ir brothers <G80><G1473>?
And <G2532> Joab said <G2036>, As BOSS lives <G2198><G2962>, that <G3754> if you had not <G1508> spoken <G2980>, because <G1360> then <G5119> from <G1537> the morning <G4405.1> went up <G305> even <G302> the <G3588> people <G2992> each <G1538> after <G2733.5> the <G3588> his brother <G80>.
And <G2532> Joab trumped <G4537> the <G3588> trumpet <G4536>, and <G2532> left <G868> all <G3956> the <G3588> people <G2992>, and <G2532> did not <G3756> pursue <G2614> any longer <G3765> after <G3694> the <G3588> Israel, and <G2532> they did not <G3756> proceed <G4369> any longer <G2089> the <G3588> to wage war <G4170>.
And <G2532> Abner and <G2532> the <G3588> his men <G435><G1473> went forth <G565> at <G1519> descent [of the sun <G1424>, [and went] all <G3650> the <G3588> that night <G3571><G1565>, and <G2532> passed over <G1224> the <G3588> Jordan, and <G2532> they went <G4198> entire <G3650> the <G3588> extent <G3905>, and <G2532> they came <G2064> unto <G1519> Camp <G3925>.
And <G2532> Joab returned <G390> from [following] behind <G3693><G575> the <G3588> Abner, And <G2532> he gathered together <G4867> all <G3956> the <G3588> people <G2992>. And <G2532> they numbered <G1980> the <G3588> servants <G3816> of David, the [ones] <G3588> having fallen <G4098> -- nineteen <G1767.1> men <G435> and <G2532> Asahel.
And <G2532> the <G3588> servants <G3816> of David struck <G3960> of the <G3588> sons <G5207> of Benjamin, of the <G3588> men <G435> of Abner -- three hundred <G5145> and <G2532> sixty <G1835> men <G435>.
And <G2532> they lifted up <G142> the <G3588> Asahel, and <G2532> they entombed <G2290> him <G1473> in <G1722> the <G3588> burying-place <G5028> of the <G3588> his father <G3962><G1473> in <G1722> Beth-lehem. And <G2532> went <G4198> entire <G3650> the <G3588> night <G3571> Joab and <G2532> the <G3588> his men <G435><G1473>, and <G2532> light shined through <G1307.1> to them <G1473> in <G1722> Hebron.